101-Year-Old man survives Spanish Flu,World War 2 and has Now Beat COVID-19


WIKI DAILY__ A 101-year-old Italian man was declared negetive and released from hospital confinement after recovering from COVID19 . This was reported by Rimini deputy mayor, Gloria Lisi. The old man, who is now a face of hope was admitted last week to a Rimini hospital in northeast Italy, after he tested positive for COVID 19.

He was declared negetive and released from confinement on Thursday. the mayor commented, this was “truly extraordinary” and that such a recovery from a man, more than a hundred years old, would give “hope for the future.” The city head also expressed how an old man has instilled hope in people that “even at 101 years, the future is not written.”

Face of hope 

He was born in 1919, during the Spanish Flu pandemic that killed over 50 million people globally. He grew up between World War I and WWII and now, he turned out to be the oldest patient to recover from COVID-19 in Italy.


But after a while, as his condition got better and he seemed on his way to full recovery, he turned out to be the top story everyone in the hospital especially the health care workers talk about.


In times like this, it may be difficult to hang on to hope, considering the negative news spreading from different directions. However, the story of this 101-year-old man is certainly something to behold and has become a beam of hope to everyone suffering from this disease. Stay strong you will be fine.

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