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The storytelling of today is that everyone want to be successful like bill gate,Aliko dangote,Richard Brandon and many more,without a complete guide or initiative of what success really mean. To them,success is being rich but not, and the fact is success has no complete definition, but what could be the definition is in your own words,that is of interest to you. I therefore come up with this perspective, success is achieving your aim. It’s an accomplishment of your attempt.

In your quest for power, knowledge, money and those glittering things of life, what do you do? How do you get them?…………………………

    Every achievement has an endeavor. What you get is what you are,and what you are is what you get. Vice versa. There is a saying that our manner lies behe hind the sweat. This sweat is not like the physical water excreted from the human body,but the mental and physical man power put into their day task to get their penny. Every successful make up a story,of we don’t write about them, we speak about them. Ask them how they have come by,they all have something to say. If you ask a successful person in that same field/career or that position you have been craving for. Their first response will be it was an attempt, an attempt that later build up the struggle. That is ,they STRIVE. Perhaps,they have the complete picture of the life they want to live,nobody knows how the end product could be,but were optimistic in their endeavor. They give in the struggle to be successful. If you have been to start something good,I implore you to start now! There is not disgrace in falling, the disgrace is not trying.
    A resources not use or over use is a waste. We all know consistency is the key to any achievement, everyone now see you striving daily to achieve your aim,but do you save up energy?…..

In the pursuit of your day task,in your businesses, in whatever you do or chose to achieve,save up energy. When you conserve energy,they tends to create more production.

Don’t abuse your health.To abuse something is to use it abnormally. As a matter of fact,the word “abuse” came from a combination of two words, abnormal and use. So “abuse” simply means,abnormal usage of thing. So if you abuse your health,you die for nothing not success, when you die for nothing, what else? Gain or loss?Hence,save up energy!


On the other hand ,resources could be information. Information is your lifeline. If you are not informed,you are not fit to live in this world. This world is full of intellectuals. The good information you receive everyday, use them!
Remember! Resources not use is a waste.

    The race of life require that you run it,the race you do not run,the prize involve you cannot win. I don’t know how one could talk about being successful/success without mentioning competition. Know that other people are running the same business with you,your lust for a particular position, either be it academy, business,wealth etc I want you to know that you have competitors. Don’t live the philosophy of your life base on ”overtaking is allow”,you may not get it(successful). In a race competition, overtaking is not allow, and he who run best,run victory. To achieve success ,competition is inevitable.
    consistency is the key to any achievement in life. The things you repeatedly do,you become and what you become, you repeatedly do. For anyone who will be successful in life, element of consistency cannot be displace. Avoid procrastination, it doesn’t help a soul,it kills the spirit in you in achieving your aim gradually. You don’t have to give up on the challenges, but you can proceed forward to give the challenges is wants or by doing the needful. Believe me,Genius also sweat!
    success is not a cheap talk,rather it places a great demand on anyone who desire to have it. An adage says,it is easier said than done.. It’s not a day job to be successful. Success require pain,the pain that later rise to endurance. You have to endure in the pursuit of success. Nothing good comes easy except deception. For instance,look at the life of Thomas Edison who made the incandescent light bulb after trying to get it done for more than a thousand time.
    Success takes a cost. Are you ready to pay the price? Brethren,I entreat you to pay the price(endure),give it what it takes. Better days ahead!
    You will found that nothing indifferent between STRIVE and STRUGGLE. They are synonymous, but the thing is ,success is a journey. Success involve continuity, success birth success.
    We will always want more,that is why economist said human wants is insatiable. Ordinary human,after getting meadl,they will seek for gold.
    As a writer ,the successful completion of a book give birth to another. In this sense,we are not to quit at the point of any achievement. It is part of element of success for struggle to replicate.
    There will always will be one point in our life,where our ozone pleasure seekers(libido) will always arouse. It doesn’t matter being antisocial, there is time for everything rejuvenation, there is time for everything in life. Perhaps,your success may calls for celebration.It is during this time we contemplate our accomplishments and we are able to develop integrity if we see ourselves as leading a successful life. At this point you stretch your legs on cushion chair and you shout I got it,what a success!
    And so shall it be.
    Wish you all success in your endeavor!
    I remain…..



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