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Army Veteran just Launched a Petition to Impeach Joe Biden from Office

I left two legs in the deserts of Afghanistan, but what Joe Biden left there a year ago this month was far worse. In their disastrous retreat, their government spent almost zero time planning because they seemed too busy teaching soldiers Critical Race Theory. it was the bodies of our allies that were left behind.


Whether it was the 13 soldiers killed by terrorists that Biden released from prison…or the American citizens left behind enemy lines…or the allies who risked their lives to help us on the battlefield, that now facing a death sentence from the Taliban…Every tragedy there rests on one man’s shoulders: Joe Biden left them all dead and forlorn.

So, as someone who served and sacrificed there, I make it my personal responsibility to take responsibility for these failures in Afghanistan, and I need a team. of dedicated Americans like you to help get the house back as soon as possible.


You see, the Democrats are doing nothing to hold themselves accountable for these crimes. In fact, Pelosi’s team is even helping to destroy evidence of the ‘ Afghanistan disaster. Our only chance to take responsibility for what may be the greatest embarrassment to our military in American history is this November.

If we fail, we will never have another chance to hold Biden accountable. Nonetheless, I respectfully request any reinforcements you can give to help Republicans win back the majority.


This time of year in the past has been something of a “summer recession” for us in terms of fundraising, but with the August 23 election a few weeks away, we can’t afford that right now.

We need all hands on deck. Please, can I personally count on you to help me in my mission to keep Biden’s feet in the fire for this Afghan failure? Thank you for helping me take responsibility for this. In doing so, he helps me make peace with the fact that a mission that almost killed me was turned into a total disaster by one of the worst presidents in history.


On Duty, SSG Brian Mast, U.Army (ret.


4 Replies to “Army Veteran just Launched a Petition to Impeach Joe Biden from Office

  1. Heavenly Father, I pray that you expose this evil and corrupt administration and that they be held accountable for all the deaths and destruction they’ve caused and all the lives that were wrecked because of their evil agenda and for corrupting our children and grandchildren and setting themselves against Your Knowledge and Wisdom and who are bloodthirsty to kill innocent babies who have no voice. Lord we need You more than ever. I pray for Victory this election that all these people who a ubsed their power be uprooted and replaced with God fearing people who will do Your Will and not their own will

  2. Impeach him now the low life deceiving person!! He has actually committed treason at the highest order!! That means death peanlty

  3. Joe Biden is actor in real life, I am telling the trurth maybe you remember he died of heart attack or something else, we never heard any more from the DR.Jill is prep OH god SHE keep quiet for very long. Before he became President he was doing racketeer for maybe 10 years or less. Anyway this is not Joe Biden, HIS NAME ROBERT SOMETHING he volunteer to be Joe Biden. Anyways he has 2 or more ON FACIAL MASK for some reason but that fail. We all know he was wearing siclone mask that look like Joe exact look. Jill was happy for awhile. WE NOW WHAT BEHIND THE CURTAIN.
    People started notice something odd. I didn’t trust this new President.

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