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Belize Postal Codes


Belize is a small country in Central America. It is bordered by Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the south and east. Belize has a population of approximately 330,000 people (2012), with Creole being the official language of Belize. The majority of the population live in urban areas on the coast, with the interior mostly sparsely populated. Most Belizeans are of African descent, although there is a significant minority of European ancestry due to immigration from Britain and Spain.

The official name of the country is “Belize”, which is known as “Bethlehem” in English and Spanish. This name was derived from the Mayan MZBZ R’IBIL which means “the mouth of the sacred creeks”. The Maya civilization flourished here between 1200 BC and 1521 AD when they were overthrown by Spanish conquistadors. Belize Postal Codes

Belize’s abundance of wildlife and diverse cultures make it an attractive destination for ecotourism, adventure tourism, and cultural tourism. The coral reefs are among the best in the world.

The Mayan Ruins at Caracol have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Belize was also named as a top 10 eco-friendly destination by National Geographic Adventure magazine in 2012.[3]

Belize has an estimated population of 340,000, most of whom are mestizo (people of mixed Maya, Spanish and sometimes African ancestry). Creole (Kriol) is the native language spoken by Creoles (descendants of freed slaves), who make up about 10% of the population; other languages include Spanish and English. The capital city is Belize City.

 States In Belize
Orange Walk
Stann Creek


Belize City

Locality Elevation Postal Code
Bakers 10 m
Belize City 7 m
Bermudian Landing 29 m
Biscayne 16 m
Bob Eiley 19 m
Bocotora 16 m
Bomba 8 m
Burrell Boom 13 m
Butcher Burns 21 m
Caye Caulker 5 m
Cedar Bank 20 m
Chicago 19 m
Corozalito 16 m
Cowhead Creek 19 m
Davis Bank 16 m
Egypt 5 m
Ferguson Bank 6 m
Flowers Bank 22 m
Freetown Sibun 9 m
Gales Point 3 m
Grace Bank 17 m
Gracy Rock Bank 78 m
Hattieville 7 m
Isabella 15 m
Joe Wagner Boom 10 m
Ladyville 3 m


Cayo Postal Codes

Locality Elevation Postal Code
Aguacate Camp 573 m
Augustine 457 m
Baking Pot 57 m
Baldy Beacon 953 m
Baldy Sibun 732 m
Banana Bank 31 m
Barton Ramie 70 m
Belmopan 70 m
Benque Ceiba 58 m
Benque Viejo del Carmen 89 m
Big Eddy 76 m
Big Falls 17 m
Black Man Eddy 90 m
Black Rock 161 m
Blancaneau 427 m
Blue Hole Camp 487 m
Branch Mouth 58 m
Buena Vista 72 m
Bullet Tree Falls 57 m
Burnt Ground 150 m
Cadena Creek Camp 108 m
Callar Creek 74 m
Camelote 65 m
Carmelita 65 m
Castile 33 m
Caves Branch 200 m

Corozal Postal Codes

Locality Elevation Postal Code
America 8 m
Aventura 9 m
Basil Jones 6 m
Benque Viejo 6 m
Calcutta 5 m
Campa Pita 18 m
Carolina 0 m
Chacan Chac Mol 19 m
Chan Chen 6 m
Chunch 0 m
Chunox 20 m
Cocos 18 m
Concepcion 10 m
Corozal 15 m
Corozal District 22 m
Cowpen 0 m
Estero 13 m
Estrella 11 m
Hill Bank 11 m
Laguna 7 m
Libertad 3 m
Louisville 13 m
Paraiso 2 m
Patchchacan 8 m
Puebla Nueva 12 m
Pueblo Nuevo 14 m

Orange Walk Postal Codes

Locality Elevation Postal Code
Andersons Camp 46 m
August Pine Ridge 32 m
Backlanding 13 m
Barquedier Sierra 19 m
Blossom Bank 17 m
Blue Creek Village 16 m
Blumenfeld 127 m
Buena Vista 8 m
Burnham Hall 15 m
Caledonia 2 m
Canal Bank 27 m
Carmelita 7 m
Cashew Tree 18 m
Cedar Crossing 38 m
Chan Bank 4 m
Chan Pine Ridge 12 m
Chan Sapote 0 m
Cocos 7 m
Corozalito 23 m
Cowpen 6 m
Cristo Rey 20 m
Crooked Tree 11 m
Double Head Cabbage 18 m
Douglas 4 m
Driving Camp 25 m
Edenthal 98 m

Stann Creek Postal Codes

Locality Elevation Postal Code
Alabama 75 m
Alta Vista 58 m
Commerce Bight Village 2 m
Dancing Pool 37 m
Dangriga 10 m
Freetown Area 6 m
Georgetown 51 m
Guana Church Bank 72 m
High Sand 4 m
Kendal 34 m
Lagarto Bank 82 m
Locust Bank 129 m
Maya Mopan 70 m
Middle Bank 16 m
Middlesex 101 m
Mullins River 11 m
New Home 177 m
Placentia Village 7 m
Pomona 43 m
Quarry Hill 41 m
Rancho Grande 338 m
Red Bank 134 m
Regalia 6 m
Sale si Puede 192 m
Sarawina 10 m
Silk Grass 17 m

Toledo Postal Codes

Locality Elevation Postal Code
Aguacate 72 m
Arabato Camp 566 m
Beattie Pen 33 m
Big Creek 9 m
Big Fall 27 m
Blue Creek Village 31 m
Cabro 664 m
Calera Camp 304 m
Campamento Unión 728 m
Cebada Camp 478 m
Central 791 m
Central Edwards 708 m
Chan Quebrada 48 m
Chun Bank 54 m
Conejo 14 m
Corozon 37 m
Cowpen 42 m
Crique Jute 138 m
Crique Sarco 18 m
Dolores 36 m
Esperanza 384 m
Esperanza Camp 515 m
Forest Home 24 m
Fork Camp 939 m
Graham Creek 17 m
Hamidli Creek Settlement 27 m


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