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Best Courses for Commercial Students In Nigeria


There are over hundreds of commercial courses that are available for study in Nigerian universities. But of a truth, you have to choose one of these commercial courses to the Nigerian university of your choice.  Flashacademy has come up with 10 ten best commercial courses in Nigeria in 2021 after much research and study.

The list below consists of the career prospects of the courses, admission requirements and detailed course description. Without further ado, let us look at a detailed list of commercial courses for a student in Nigeria.

The Best Courses for commercial students are:

  • Psychology
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Mass communication
  • Human Resources Management
  • Office And Information Management
  • Accounting/Accountancy
  • Business Administration


Psychology is one of the most important commercial courses to study in Nigerian universities. Psychology is definitely not a course for Art students.  Psychology would expand your knowledge base into major areas of contemporary psychology like human cognition, clinical science and cognitive neuroscience, developmental psychology, social psychology and neuroscience.


Students that want to study psychology have a chance to gain valuable work experience during the industrial placement and graduates would have to choose within a wide range of careers. With the aid of psychology, you can be better equipped to have problem solving skills, analytical and generally critical skills. The foundation that a student has in commerce can better equip a student to thrive in psychology.


This is one of the best commercial courses a student can study at a Nigerian university. Studying Marketing gifts you with a broad understanding that would help customers to meet the needs of an organization’s services and information.


One of the superb reasons why marketing is one of the best commercial courses is that you can build a strong foundation in your business skills. Marketing course for a commercial student covers a lot from psychology, advertising to market research and social studies.


Another best commercial courses to study as a commercial student is economics. It would be noteworthy to say that economics is not just a course that deals with money, it deals with much more. They can work in fields related to public finances, Microeconomics, financial economics, international economics, and macroeconomics.


Mass Communication

Another very good course that suits commercial students is Mass communication. Mass communication in Nigerian Universities is a very good interdisciplinary course. It opens doors to a lot of other interesting career paths. We are talking about the likes of Advertising, Publishing, Broadcasting and publishing.

Nigerian students that study Mass communication are usually very much interested in careers in broadcasting, digital communication, sales, media management, and Journalism.


Human Resource Management

This Article would not b e deemed complete without mentioning Human Resource management. With a Bachelors degree in Human resource management, you as a commercial student would be better equipped with the basic tools needed for a business setting. 

The human resource bachelor’s degree program always includes core business training subjects. So a background in commerce is very profiting in this Endeavour. Some of the subjects that Human Resource management students study include accounting, Information technology, Marketing, etc.

Office And Information Management

Office and management is a university degree are that is readily pursued in Nigerian Universities. In the Nigerian job market, statistics prove that there is a high demand in Office administrators and office managers.

The course has the sole purpose to develop articulate minds so that they can be effective in the management and administration of business technology and information technology.

Accountancy /Accounting

The accounting course is one that aids its students in understanding financial information. It is very suitable for a student that has secondary school background in commerce. Classes in accounting include organizational behaviour, financial economics, accounting information systems, financial planning etc.

A degree in accounting obtained from a Nigerian university is called Bachelor of Accounting. It is a very professional course to pursue in Nigerian Universities. Accounting is a really good career, it gives you an opportunity to develop yourself in terms of problem-solving, leadership, team building, and most especially communication.  

Though there are four major types of accountants, the four types actually reflect the major accounting roles that are available throughout the profession. The four major branches of accounting include the following; Forensic, Government, Public, and cooperate accounting.

Business Administration Degree

Another course that is best for commercial students is a Business Administration degree. This course is designed to provide prospective students with a very strong academic foundation in the core business functions including accounting, finance, project management, general business administration, marketing, International and so on.

In Nigeria, a degree in business administration is one of the best ways to break into a very legitimate business career. Graduates of business administration from Nigerian universities do not find it hard to get hired in the job market. In the Nigerian labor market, statistics have shown that there is a 12% increase in the number of jobs in this field.

Now that you know the best commercial courses to study in Nigeria, I actually didn’t put up this article so that you will pick the best for yourself, I wrote it so will have comprehensive information and knowledge about the best commercial courses in Nigeria and you will use this knowledge when choosing the course you want to study in the university.

Hope this article was helpful?


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