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New! President Biden Forced To Resume Building THE WALL

Sorry Joe, now that you’ve criticized Trump for his approach to promoting border security, eat your own puke. According to various reports, Joe Biden criticized Trump for trying to complete the border wall; But it seems he had to admit that Trump was right because he just unveiled new plans to complete the wall, or at least a small part of it. It’s surprising why?


President Joe Biden’s approval ratings and this are just a desperate attempt to appease
outraged voters being overrun by illegal immigrants. Biden’s decision to shut down a Trump administration project has angered the left-wing community.

The closure of Parque de la Amistad on the California side is their main complaint. “The project will build two 30-foot walls across Parque de la Amistad to replace the current barriers. During the Trump administration, the park began receiving these types of walls, but soon they will spread everywhere.


Based in San Diego, the Alliance Friends of Friendship Park is headed by John Fanestil. The Border Patrol says they are only replacing the walls in Friendship Park, but the proposed construction amounts to a permanent closure of the US side of this historic area,” he said.

“Joe Biden shouldn’t be putting the finishing touches on Donald Trump’s border. Wall in Parque de la Amistad,” Fanestil argued in a subsequent statement denouncing the President and the project approved by his government-Border with Mexico as current plans do not include a pedestrian entrance in the side wall, although people on the Mexican side can access the area.


Isn’t it amazing how the hardest hit red states like Texas get nothing? With this decision, Biden is only trying to appease the liberal community and its supporters. Meanwhile, numerous Texas counties issued statements Tuesday regarding the “invasion” of the border to pressure the governor of the state to do the same.

Officials hoped the declaration, which gives the counties no additional legal authority and may not even be legal, would draw attention to the border situation.”They attack us. At a news conference in Brackettville, Texas, Kinney District Judge Tully Shahan stated, “The facts are clear. That is real. America needs to understand that this is true.


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