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How To Calculate UNIBEN Aggregate Score Admission (2021/2023)


How To Calculate UNIBEN Aggregate Score For 2021/2023 Admission Session: Searching for how you can calculate UNIBEN Post-UTME aggregate score? see how you can easily determine your admission into UNIBAEN by calculating your O’level grades and post UTME aggregate here.

As an aspirant of University Of Benin, which we all know as UNIBEN, it is important for you to know how to calculate UNIBEN aggregate score for admission 2021/2023, This post is simplified in a way that you will be able to know how to calculate your aggregate score as a UNIBEN aspirant after the writing JAMB and UNIBEN PUTME.

This article will guide you on how to calculate your score which is important for you so as to know your chance of gaining admission into the University Of Benin. This post will give you the full insight about the UNIBEN Admission Process, see what we will be discussing in this article:

  • UNIBEN JAMB Grading
  • UNIBEN Departmental Cut Off Mark
  • UNIBEN Olevel Grading
  • How to calculate UNIBEN Aggregate Score

I will give you everything you need to know about those topics above, just make sure you continue reading this article for the full information.

how to calculate UNIBEN aggregate score for admission


But before going fully into those topics I will like to discuss Aggregate Score, so what is an Aggregate Score? An aggregate score is a total score a candidate has after combining the JAMB and PUTME scores together then dividing it with appropriate figures, see how to calculate the UNIBEN aggregate score below.

UNIBEN JAMB Grading System

This section is all about all University Of Benin JAMB Minimum CutOff Mark, This is a cutoff mark set by the Joint Admission Matriculation Board for the eligibility of writing the UNIBEN Post UTME Examination, This means that you must pass the JAMB Cut off Mark before you can be allowed to write the UNIBEN Post UTME.


Do you know that the higher your scores, the higher your chance of gaining admission? If your JAMB and PUTME scores are good and okay for your course of study, the chance of getting admission into UNIBEN is high.

The JAMB Cutoff Mark for the University Of Benin is 200, but the Joint Admission Matriculation Board has directed all schools to reduce their cutoff point but UNIBEN still pegged theirs at 200. This means that before you can write UNIBEN PUTME, you must have scored 200 or more in your UTME.


UNIBEN Departmental Cut Off Marks

In this section, you will see the course cutoff mark you want to study in UNIBEN. Before an aspirant can be given admission into the University Of Benin, he/she must have passed the departmental cut off mark for admission. The cut off is not officially released yet but we gathered this data from a source that is trusted.

Agricultural Courses

  • Agric economics/extension – 50
  • Animal sciences – 50
  • Crop Science – 50
  • Fisheries – 50
  • Forestry and wildlife –50
  • Soil science – 50

Arts Courses

  • English and lit. Studies – 63
  • Fine and applied arts – 57
  • Inter. Studies – 65
  • Law –76
  • Linguistics – 50
  • Theatre arts – 59
  •  Mass communication – 66
  • Religious studies – 50
  • Philosophy – 55
  • Theatre arts – 59

Management of Science Courses

  • Accountancy – 65
  • Actuarial science –  54
  • Banking and finance – 55
  • Business administration – 60
  • Entrepreneur  – 58
  • Marketing – 55
  • Insurance – 57
  • IRPM– 57

Social Science Courses

  • Architecture – 50
  • Eco stat – 62
  • Environmental science – 
  • Estate Management – 50
  • Geography and regional planning – 50
  • Geometric – 50
  • Political science – 60
  • Public administration – 56
  • Sociology – 56
  • Social works – 51

Medical Science Courses

  • Anatomy – 53
  • Dentistry – 68
  • Medical biochemistry – 57
  • Medicine and surgery – 77
  • Medical lab science – 67
  • Nursing – 69
  • Physiology – 54
  •  physiotherapy–>65

Education Courses

  • Business education – 50
  • Computer education – 50
  • English education – 50
  • Economics education – 50
  • Educational departments – 50
  • ESAM – 50
  • Library and Info. Science – 50
  • Political science education – 50
  • Social science education – 50

Physical Science Courses

  • Animal and Env. Biology – 50
  • Biochemistry – 53
  • Computer science – 56
  • Chemistry – 55
  • Geology – 55
  • Industrial chemistry – 50
  • Industrial physics – 50
  • Mathematics – 50
  • Microbiology – 53
  • Optometry – 59
  • Plant biotechnology – 50
  • Physics – 50
  • Science lab. Tech. — 51
  • Statistics –  50

Engineering Courses

  • Chemical engineering – 67
  • Computer engineering – 67
  • Civil engineering – 67
  • Electrical electronic engineering – 71
  • Mechanical engineering – 73
  • Petroleum engineering – 64
  • Production engineering – 57 
  • Structural engineering – 53


  •  If you didn’t meet up the JAMB score for UNIBEN, you won’t be eligible to write the PUTME,
  • If you’ didn’t meet up with the course cutoff mark you won’t be given admission into University Of Benin unless you do a change of course and your aggregate score must meet up with the course you want to change it to

UNIBEN Olevel Grading System

This section is where I will be discussing the way UNIBEN is calculating it’s aspirant O’level results for admission. WAEC and NECO are mostly used for admission to schools.

UNIBEN do not need Olevel result for their admission they only use JAMB UTME and Post UTME score for their admission process, continue reading to see how to calculate UNIBEN aggregate score for admission.

How To Calculate UNIBEN Aggregate Score

It is easy to calculate the University Of Benin aggregate score, the school uses the 50:50 system to calculate their aspirant score for admission.

The system UNIBEN is using is similar to other Federal University’s way of calculating the aggregate score. The 50:50 system means 50% in UTME and 50% in Post UTME which gives 100%.

Here’s how to calculate the UNIBEN Aggregate Score for admission easily.

From your JAMB UTME SCORE, divide your score by 8 and your POST UTME score will be divided by 2. The aggregate score will be the addition of the two figures respectively.


To better understand the calculation process, you can check out this illustration below.

Let’s assume a candidate applying to study at the Federal University of Technology, Akure has a JAMB score of 205 and a Post UTME score of 50. To calculate his aggregate score;

JAMB score = 205 / 8 = 25.63

Post UTME score = 50 / 2 = 25

Total = 25.63(JAMB) + 25(Post UTME) = 51 approximately

Such a candidate’s aggregate score will be 51.

It is pertinent to have it in mind that, University of Benin (UNIBEN) does not only consider Post UTME screening score and JAMB examination score when offering admission. You must provide other admission requirements given by UNIBEN.

For example, your O’level result must have a minimum of 6 Credits (C).

You must have also chosen UNIBEN as your first choice while you registered for JAMB.


Having known how to calculate UNIBEN Aggregate Score(UNIBEN JAMB and Departmental Cut Off Mark), if by any means you didn’t meet up with the above mentioned cut off mark for your course, I advise you to go for a change of course or you change to another institution that accepts low score.


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