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Can I Gain Admission With NECO Result? See answer here


If you have been asking questions like, “can I gain admission with NECO result?”, “does universities accept NECO result?”, “can I gain admission with only NECO result” or “will my school accept NECO result”,please have it in mind that all those questions will be answered once and for all here. All you have to do, is to read this article painstakingly to get your question answered.

Can I Gain Admission With NECO Result

Meanwhile, I have made a comprehensive list of all the universities in Nigeria that accept second choice candidates. Click here if you wish to read that article. Now, lets go back to today’s question.


Yes. You can gain admission into any institution in Nigeria with your NECO result. This is because, NECO is a national examination body, which is is responsible for conducting examination for students who are aspiring to further their education to tertiary level in Nigeria. This tertiary institution could be a university, polytechnic, or even a college of education.


Invariably, you can be given admission into Nigerian universities with your NECO result, you can attain admission into Nigerian Polytechnics with your NECO result, and you can even gain admission into any college of education in Nigeria with your NECO result. Yes! They all accept NECO results in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that before any institution will accept your NECO result, the result must meet the requirements of that institution. In other words, you must do exceptionally well in the NECO result before it will be accepted.


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Okay, there you have my answer to that question. Hope all bewilderments have been cleared. I believe nobody will ask the question “if its possible to gain admission with NCEO result” or “will universities accept NECO result”. Do let me know if you have any question to ask below.


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      1. Pls I have f9 in my economics and e8 in my commerce in my waec exam and I want to study accountancy, can I do neco to support it?

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