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Catholic Nun sues District of Columbia over vaccination mandate for health workers

A Roman Catholic nun has filed a lawsuit against the District of Columbia, alleging that the city denied her request for a religious exemption from the city’s coronavirus vaccine requirement for healthcare workers.  Nun sues District Columbia


In addition to serving as a physician-surgeon and a former U.S. Army colonel, Sister Deirdre “DeDe” Byrne provides free medical treatment to the impoverished and undocumented.

Apractice that is now under jeopardy due to the District of Columbia’s unwillingness to give her a religious exemption from immunization.The T-cell testing performed on Sister Byrne revealed that she possesses a natural immunity to the coronavirus.

Sister Byrne has expressed her true moral aversion to taking one of the three authorized coronavirus vaccinations due to its association with abortion.

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A lawsuit was filed on behalf of Byrne in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia on March 9, 2022, against the district’s mayor, Muriel Bowser, the head of the District of Columbia’s health department, LaQuandra Nesbitt, as well as the District of Columbia itself.

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Her community in Washington, DC is led by Sister Byrne, a Little Workers of the Sacred Heart missionary sister who is also the superior of her congregation. She also has dual certifications as a general surgeon and a family physician from the American Board of Surgery.


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