The regime of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris is not famous and his party is aware of it. The New York Times reported: that Democrats are concerned that if President Biden makes the decision not to run in 2024, his successor would be Harris, who many believe is ineligible.

“Her main difficulty is not being a mixed-race woman, her situation is that she has bad grades just like President Biden,” blurted out Larry Sabato, a professor of politics at the University of Virginia.

“If Biden was going through the roof, she would also do moderately well. She would be seen as a popular successor, carrying out the mandate of a popular president. And supporters, who begged The Post to remain anonymous so they could freely express their opinions, also had similar concerns.

“It seems utterly useless. No one involved in this regime should be in the running,” said one of the donors. They’ve worried about Harris’ own failed 2020 presidential campaign, which he exited in December 2019 in an operation then widely derided as disorganized and fraught with infighting. -Presidency is consistently in the news for staff turnover, with at least a dozen vacancies.

In April alone, he lost his chief of staff, Tina Flournoy, and deputy chief of staff, Michael Fuchs. “She doesn’t know how to create a team that has a common goal. They recognize that many of their employees are doing what they love.

She has limited directions and always comes across as carefree and all she can do when asked about it publicly.” and chuckles,” explained an executive on Capitol Hill.” I just don’t think people see her as a serious candidate,” she said, “If I wasn’t the VP, I wouldn’t even be on the list.”

Advisor Chris Coffey noted, “Kamala Harris is a strong black woman, the first vice president-elect. Without a high black turnout, the Democrats cannot win. He is a role model and a beacon for millions of people across the country.

Just days ago, Kamala Harris appeared to back down from a statement earlier this week predicting President Joe Biden’s political destiny. He pleaded Monday to respond to Rep. Jim Clyburn (DS) by authorizing his possible run in 2024 if Biden pulls out of a re-election campaign.

Harris told CNN, “Joe Biden is running for re-election and I will be his ticketing partner,” adding, “Period. That’s all. However, the White House told Harris’ traveling press pool on Wednesday that the vice president wanted to clarify statements she made this week about Biden’s 2024 agendas, the Washington Examiner said.

When asked if Biden was running, Harris confirmed in a less specific tone: “The president hopes to run, and when he does, I will be his running mate. We will compete together. The clarifications from Harris and the White House come amid growing Democrat resentment over the race and Biden’s ability to run again and advance.

A few days after the United States Supreme Court Roe v.Wade, Biden’s job approval ratings continue to rise amid skyrocketing inflation, rising gasoline and diesel prices, and many other issues the country is facing. To be realistic, Biden’s approval rating is now just under 38 percent, according to the RealClearPolitics poll average.


  1. I think thats a misprint. His approval rating is 3.8% not 38. If its even that high it will be a shocker. Just like them saying he got 81 million votes when there were only 133 million voters and Trump had 75 million. That math must come from CRT.

    1. Yep, that’s where “ suck a bird “ I call him, received millions and big text too to put him in office. F”in joke… but not funny we are paying the price

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