Joe Biden, for the second consecutive day, suggested that he is not the actual President of the United States.”You know, I know most families are focused on getting three meals on the table, taking care of their kids, and paying their bills,” Biden said.

“It’s my job to help with that. That is also the job of the President. According to reports, Joe Biden was elected President of the United States in November 2020. On Thursday, Joe Biden took part in a remote conference call to discuss how the White House is said to be able to combat skyrocketing inflation.

On the joint White House conference call on the anti-inflation bill, Biden incorrectly referred to himself as the “Vice President.” “I did, I have to admit full disclosure,” Biden said. The possibility that I can buy one of those Corvettes that are electric vehicles, you know when they come out. “I won’t be able to do that because I can’t drive a vehicle while I’m vice president.

More so than when he was vice president. It must be easy for President Biden to believe that he is still Vice President since he does not serve as the chief decision maker in his own administration. On the same joint conference call, Biden half-jokingly asked permission to ask a question. See:

“Thank you. May I ask the question, Brian?’ Biden said with a laugh. “Of course, Mr. President,” replied Brian Deese, his economic adviser. At least President Biden could ask a question. In September he was interrupted while trying to ask a question. In September, Biden made a casual remark implying that he was not responsible for his presidency.”Now I’m supposed to stop and get out of the room,” Biden said.

“I’ll stop and, with your permission, enter the room and say hello. In June 2021, at a European Union-United States summit, Biden spoke out about “getting in trouble.” “I’ve said it before and I apologize for the confusion,” he said.

“Oh, I didn’t… that’s my national security adviser,” he added, gesturing sideways.”We have a lot of people here, my apologies,” Biden continued. “I’m going to get in trouble, but…we’ll get back to that anyway. In April 2021, Biden answered a reporter’s question and he gave a similar response.

“Are you going to make it faster for them to get the vaccine, the vaccines that we’re about to get?” asked a reporter.” Say it again?” asked Biden. “India,” said the reporter. “You are suffering right now. “I am sorry. Just… the last question I’m going to answer,” Biden replied.

“I’m really going to get in trouble. Biden made a similar reference to getting into “trouble” at the G7 summit for answering a reporter’s question. “Sorry, I’ll get in trouble with the staff if I don’t do this right,” Biden said.


  1. Good get them all now here we go again got Binden hiding out because he is not a president. Get Gates he has killed alot of people. My healthy girl friend died of shot. All these old idiots need to go Sasto put that Communist in Jail freeze his money Hillary will not get more

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