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Finally happening! Trump Makes Big Return to Washington DC

Finally happening! Trump makes big return to Washington DC, Donald Trump will return to Washington later this month for the first time since leaving office, Axios has learned. Why It Matters: Trump’s planned July 26 visit to chair an event for the America First Policy Institute — comes as the committee’s blockbuster Jan. 6 hearings add to speculation that his control of the Republican Party is weakening could become.


A new poll shows nearly 50 percent of the top party voters want a new GOP presidential nominee in 2024, with a growing number vowing to drop him if he wins.

The House Select Committee hearings have dominated headlines and cable news coverage as several former top Trump officials and advisers have presented explosive evidence linking the former president to the attack on Capitol Hill.


Just in: Trump will deliver the keynote address at 3 p.m. on the second day of the group’s policy summit, which will also include panel discussions and presentations from several senior Republican leaders, including some former Trump administration officials, and members of Congress, governors and state officials.

The event is by invitation only and not open to the general public, but will be live streamed and open to the press. The group has not yet announced the exact location for security reasons.


Details: The America First Policy Institute is a nonprofit 501(C)(3) research institute led by senior officials in the Trump administration, including former National Economic Council director Larry Kudlow and former small business administrator Linda McMahon, and former National Policy Council director Brooke Rollins.



5 Replies to “Finally happening! Trump Makes Big Return to Washington DC

  1. this read? is it writting by the left cause sure seems that way , all Ame4icans need to c9me to grips that the left stole the election , so much evidence out there so many ways it was stolen , its been the worst the countrys looked ever under biden and his fast tracking thus and that and feeding us wrongful untruthful info in just unbecoming of a President sure was a big mistake but at least more and more people see that the Conspiracy theories were really true and know this theyll never stop so , we need to stop them , all out Abolishment of the party is in order if you take all the un american things done to Americans . SO MANY THINGS TO WRITE State should of never certified the vote . i would suspect that Trump should be allowed to Start his Second term and when doing so be allowed to start the full four years in office and the cry baby politicians, that hindered Trumps improvements to country need to step away and allow Trump to PROCEED forward with no Swamp Creatures Gettin In the way we Need To MAGA THE COUNTRY FAST TRUMP KNOWS HOW NOW GET OUT OF THE WAY . OH.AND CERTAINLY TREASON HAS BEEN COMMITED AND THE LAW AND ORDER NEED TO SLAM 5HE HAMMER DOWN ON OFFENDERS .imo….

  2. The flipside to TDS is TDNW. Trump’s ardent supporters think Trump Does No Wrong.

    I was good with Trump and his foibles until the lockdown. He caved to the Chinese Communist model and people in America and around the world were deeply affected, hurt and killed. Freedoms lost.

    I think 1/6 was a collective manifestation of frustration due to an abrupt shift to totalitarianism that Trump green-lit. To be clear I do not buy that he’s an insurrectionist but he loves an audience and his ego walked him into a trap. Again.

    Trump had his shot. I hope DeSantis sails through the primaries.

  3. Oh beautiful for spacious skies forever waves of grain her purple mountains majesty above the fruited plains America America God shed his grace on thee and crowned they good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea it’s time for the full weight of the American people come crashing down on these crooked politicians and everyone and everything they have corrupted no mercy for any of these traitors to our country remember to thank our President Donald Trump and the First Lady Melania and the Trump family standing up and fighting for the American people and most of all the mini patriots that are fighting to keep our nation free and remember no mercy for these traitors to our country which their MANY Guantánamo Bay is going to get very crowded but they will be on a warm tropical island where they can spend the remainder of their days basking in the warm tropical sun and no burials all Hass to be cremated we do not want to defile The island anymore than it already has been God bless the United States of America

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