How Much Governors in Nigeria Earn (2021)


In Nigeria people see politics as a career some sees it as a game of intereste, which ever way you take it, politics is a game of interest, every one inspiring to be a leader, politics has he’s or her intereste to protect.

The Nigerian politics is hight into sections, from the lowest to the highest, starting from the counselor to the local government chair persons, Commissioner, Ministers, Senetor, Governor’s and President.

In Nigeria politics is a dirty game, (dirty in the sense that, people aspiring for any position, want to get there by all means and they would do anything it takes for that to happen) also for individual intereste.


For aspiring governors

Anyone aspiring for any position, having the people at heart, leaders are suppose to lead with integrity and accountability for a better leadership. In Nigeria, people take politics as a means or revenue to generate income for themselves and their people.

In Nigeria, the pay of Governor’s an other political leaders, are enticing, Governor’s and Senetors are the highest pay politician in Nigeria. The pay of Governor’s in each state is worth paying salary of the masses (Individually). That is to say, they earn so much.


The state budget is for each governor of every state for allocation. We consider the worth of every governor and the monthly allocation given to them. In teams of allocation, the oil producing state governor’s have the highest allocation compare to other states.

Despite the poor economy of the nation, what each governor earn is outrageous, most Nigerians says such money could be cute down to pay civil savants, our politician earn the most compared to other countries.


We would consider what Nigerian governor’s earn, and criteria for becoming a governor in Nigeria. And also what the constitution demands. You must be….

Being a Nigerian by birth


An average of above 35 years of age

Be a member of a registered political party

Having full support of your political party

Knowing fully well that you have four tenure to rull, though another four could be added base on performance, making a total of eight (8) years.

Governor salary

Research shows that Nigerian governor’s earn nothing less than #2.22 million, while the deputy earns #2.11 million, Commissioner and minister earn above #1.5 million. The highest earners are the Nigerian Senetors, they earn the most

Nigerian governor’s salary and allowance

Knowing what each governor earn is an ideal idea.

The salary of each governor annually is worth #11,540,896. While the annual allowance is about #222,370,50. All this are the benefits, be rest assure the car allowance is not in the salary scale, the security and other relevant things are not inclusive in the salary nor allowance.

About the health insurance of the governors, health insurance is from salaries, the state revenue takes care of such, including many other expenses.

Upon completion of tenure, a gratuity pay for governors, these worth about #6,671,115 to show the state are really taking good care of it’s leaders instead of the poor masses.

In addition below is the full list of salary structure and allowance givin to the governors.

Basic salary: #2,223,705

Leave allowance: #222,375,50

Vehicle allowance: #400% of annual basic salary

End of tenure gratuity: #6,671,115

Total salary: #11,540,896

When considering the governors the deputy won’t be left out.
Who are the deputy governor, deputy are those assisting the governor to perform some certain duties. The pay is very good.

Salary of state deputy governors

The state deputy governors enjoy every amenities same as the governor, the difference is the salary scale. Below are the salary structure.

Basic salary: #2,112,215

Vehicle allowance: #8,448,860

Annual leave allowance: #211,221,50


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