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How To Apply For Canada Study Permit (2022)


If you are interested in studying in Canada, then you will need a Canadian study permit. Even though Canada has been known to be one of the top destinations for most international students who are looking to study and get a quality Canadian education. Follow our step-by-step approach to get your Canadian study permit!

A study permit is a legal authorization that you need to study at a particular institute. And in applying for a Canadian study permit, certain requirements must be met. What are these requirements?

What Are The Eligibility Requirements In Applying For A Canada Study Permit?

To be eligible for a Canada study permit, you will need different documents. Which includes an acceptance letter, proof of financial support, and other supporting documents.

  • An Acceptance Letter: That means, you must have an acceptance letter from a particular learning institute that you must have gained admission in. Meanwhile, make sure you check for the eligibility requirements necessary for the Canada study permit. You will need an acceptance letter from a designated learning institution, proof of financial support, and other necessary documents depending on the residence of the countries involved. When you don’t have an acceptance letter, then you may not get your study permit.
  • Proof of Financial Support; This is a kind of document that indicates or reveals that you can prove that you have sufficient funds to cover the tuition for your first two years of study as well as your entire cost of feeding especially feeding.
  • Other supporting documents; Although this documentation varies from one country to another. However, you can contact the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website for you to know the required documents needed for your location. Since this documentation must be submitted while applying for your Canada study permit, then you must be able to know the supporting documentation that is needed.

Finally in this eligibility requirement, after you must have suited the necessary documents for the Canada study permit application, the visa officer will confirm your application to be sure that you meet all the requirements.

Otherwise, if the visa officer is not entirely pleased with your documents due to certain official reasons, then they will refuse your application.


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How Do You Maintain The Validity Of Your Study Permit?

Now that your Canada study permit has been approved, there are certain steps you need to take to maintain the validity of your study permit. Do not forget that if you are an international student you must, be enrolled at a specifically designated learning institution.


You must also be willing to respect the instructions that will be listed on your Canada study permit. You must be willing to make progressive completion towards the program you applied for.

Then you must be ready to leave Canada when your study permit expires.


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How Do You Prepare Your Canada Study Application?

After you must have checked for the necessary requirements that make you eligible, then you can start preparing your study permit application.

But you must ensure that you have gathered all the required documents for your country. Otherwise, if you do not meet all the necessary requirements, then Visa officers might refuse you your right to a study permit.

That is why it is necessary to have a qualified immigration rep review your application before submission.

The step to take after preparing your Canada study permit application is to submit your study permit application. To do this, you can submit an electronic application. To do this;

  • Create an account on the immigration, refugees, and citizenship Canada website (IRCC).
  • Then submit your application electronically after you must have scanned the pages of your application.
  • If you aren’t content with submitting electronically then you can submit a paper-based application. This is done by compiling your application in hard copy the mail it directly to the Visa Application Centre (VAC) specifically assigned to your country.

Once your study permit has been approved, then you may start getting ready to leave for Canada. However, you will not receive your Canadian study permit until you arrive at a Canadian Port of Entry (POE).

The Canadian government will issue you a port of entry introduction letter since your permit has been approved. When you are given this letter, you must keep this letter and show it to the immigration official when you arrive in Canada. This will enable you to obtain your study permit.


What Do You Need To Know About Canada Study Permit?

The document that allows you to study as an international student in Canada is called a study permit. Canada doesn’t offer study visas.

A permit allows you to participate in certain activities in Canada like the study permit. Visa refers to a document that enables you to enter Canada

You do not require a study permit if;

  • If you are on short-term studies. That is if you are completing a program that has a duration of about six months or even less. However, if the program exceeds six months, then you must secure a study permit.
  • Underage children under the age of 18 and below, do not need a study permit to attend kindergarten, pre-school, primary, and secondary school education.
  • A member of foreign armed forces also doesn’t require a permit to study. That is if you are on active duty in Canada. However, the same can’t be said of your family members. They may require a study permit to study in Canada. You can check the eligibility requirements or try to speak to a Canadian immigration consultant.


Final Thoughts

Obtaining a Canada study permit isn’t as laborious as you think. All you need to do is to follow all the requirements necessary to obtain a study permit.

Remember that, you must be sure that you have your acceptance letter before applying. Also, schools in Canada tend to impose different application deadlines most times for international students.

So make sure that you’re aware of the deadline for the program.


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