How to Change Your Gmail Password (Desktop & iPhone)


If you are sparingly or constantly warned by Google over attempts of either log-in or verified signing in, then changing your password is necessary.

This is required because your mail is connected to all your Google database, supports, and apps.

Moreover, this act can take a toll on your financial situation especially if your Gmail is connected to your bank account.


To protect your virtual presence and mobile database, changing your Gmail account password is the only solution.

Changing it is very simple and in this post, we will be revealing the steps involved in the process.


They are:

Step 1. Open your Gmail account.


Step 2. Tap your profile picture which is normally located at the top right corner of your mail. If you don’t have the app, you can access your Gmail account online via

Step 3. Click on the “Personal info” tap


Step 4. Go to Profile

Step 5. Click on password

Step 6. Change the password. This will require you to input your old password before confirming your new password.

Those were the process involved in changing your Gmail password but however, if your mobile app is running on Android version 5.1, then you need to wait 24 hours after changing the password to do a factory reset.

It is also worthy to note that when changing your password, using a combination of alphabets, symbols and numbers is very recommended for creating a strong password.

Also, at the time of changing your password, your account will be logged out on every device except on the mobile device that has successfully verified you while signing in.

Thanks for reading.


Princewill Ubaha is an electrical engineer by profession, a content writer by perspiration, and an Akwa Ibomite by birth. He always believed that the habit of persistence is the habit of victory.

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