How To Track Someone With Phone Number in Nigeria (2021)


The modern use of technology has made telecommunication sector more easy an user friendly, with the aid of ”Global Positioning System” (GPS) Tracking of mobile phone, sim, even cars are made easy, any stolen device can be recovered through these means, so we shall say a big thanks to technology as well.

Tracking of any device, be it, phone, sim card or even a labtop, these can be tracked with the help of using the current location, that’s why it advice able to keep your device location ON at all time, even if the location isn’t turn on it can still be recovered if stolen.

Many people ask lots of questions while some doubt if possible phones can be recovered without sim card, how is that possible? All mention case are recoverable, you need to pay quality attention to these article as we will learn on how to recover any stolen device.


How to use your phone number to track your phone if stolen

Think about how these article would be helpful for you to locate your stolen phone or sim card, we will give you step by step method on how to go about it, the global world of technology has advance to the stage of getting yourself a more favorable decision.

Most people use stolen phone or sim card to scam people, nevertheless, you can by pass that trick by simply following these guide.


1. Get your phone pack

The phone pack contain vital information about the phone, that is why it really advicable to get a new phone rather than going for fearly use once, the pack of a new device goes a long way in helping you recover the device if stolen.


The IMEI, is identity mobile equipment identity, on your phone pack tracking is made easy

2. Contact the network provider


Contacting the network provider in question, when misplace a particular line you are advise to call the network provider, for proper guid on how to recover it. Make sure you visit the proper office for more update.

There are some software which makes tracking even earlier.

Application Software to track a phone number

There are some very useful app one can use to track a particular caller, know who calls you even if you don’t safe the fellows number, you can know who is calling.

1. Truecaller

These particular app is the most use among Mobil tracking apps, it gives vivide information on who the caller maybe, in details, it would display the callers name and location, from there you could sense who the caller is.

Truecaller enables one to identify spam calls or text messages, you are safe with Truecaller.

2. Trapcall

These is an app that helps to identify the caller and to know the number of exact calls on your list.

Go to your play store download the app, after completion you install the app for proper use, it’s accessible on Android and apple store…for iPhone users.

We hope these article is helpful for you, make use of every information we give to you.


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