Is Consumer Durables a Good Career Path? (8 Best Paying Jobs)


Are you looking to go into the career path of consumer durable? Probably someone gave the idea or you were advised to give it a thought, which then triggered your search for information about it.

You are just at the right place. This guide is written with just you in mind – to help you make a good decision.

Is Consumer Durables a Good Career Path


Is Consumer Durables a Good Career Path?

Yes, consumer durable is a good career path. But as they say, what is good for someone might not be good for you.

Look at the set of skills you have to know if this industry is a good one for you. The guide is an overall perfect one to help you decide if the industry is a great one for you specifically.


On a general basis, the industry is a good one, lucrative and diverse in options.


What is Consumer Durables Career Path?

It is a necessity to know the meaning or an overview of the career path you are intending to tow. This will help you give an idea of what the career path is in general, before thinking of specific jobs available on this path.


This career path deals with consumer durables. Do you have any idea of what consumer durables are? They are durable products – they can last longer, and they are used often frequently. Examples of consumer durables are appliances, cars, furniture, etc.

This durability nature makes them more expensive than others. The consumer durable industry keeps growing because of people’s exposure to consumer durable products.



Benefits of Working in the Consumer Durables Industry

Several benefits come with working in the consumer durables industry. They include:

  1. Many available options and opportunities

One of the greatest advantages of any career path is having a lot of options within it. You can explore and have a lot of options to choose from. This is the same with the consumer durables industry, as there is a level of diversity – you have options to choose from a variety of different jobs.

The fact that consumer durables are widely used and popular among a lot of people makes this field a green pasture for anyone intending to work in the industry.

If you ask me, this is a great plus, one that needs to be considered when choosing a career.

  1. Good pay

No one would like to work so much to be paid meagerly. Hence, the need to consider the amount to be paid in any job opportunity.

The consumer durable industry is a good career line when considered from the standpoint of the financial reward for the people in the industry.

  1. Flexible working hours

Another great thing about working in the consumer durable industry is having enough time to yourself because of the flexibility of the working hours.

Nothing wears an employee out than a job that takes a rigid huge portion of the day. One will wear out, and there will even be no time to enjoy and have some sort of self-care with the money being earned.


How Many Jobs are in Consumer Durables?

A key point one must take note, of and confirm is the number of jobs in the industry. Knowing that there are a lot of job opportunities in an industry can give some sort of safety in the risk you are trying t take by pursuing a career in the field.

There are a lot of jobs in the consumer durables industry. Interestingly, as of July 2022, it is said that the industry has about three million people employed. Is that not huge?

Even though there might not be an exact figure for the number of jobs available in the consumer durables in the industry, this is a huge pointer that there is a lot to choose from.

Here is a list of available jobs in consumer durables:

  • Tool and die maker
  • Fashion forecaster
  • Interior designer
  • Manufacturing engineer
  • Robotic engineer
  • CNC Machine operator
  • Manufacturing technician
  • Quality assurance engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Visual merchandiser
  • Marketing specialist
  • Computer engineer
  • Business analyst
  • Product designer
  • Automotive engineer
  • Sales representative
  • Product brand manager
  • Automotive sales manager

There are more jobs in the industry than it is mentioned. These are just a few examples of them. Now that we have seen some jobs that exist in the consumer durable industry, let us go check the best paying jobs in the industry.


Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables

In any career path, people long to know what job positions can offer them more money. Of course, one of the major reasons for working is to earn a living. So, a job should pay pretty well for it to be worth it.

1. Robotics Engineer

I know you are wondering what use these robotics engineers exactly. Don’t be bewildered that most of the appliances and technology stuff you use, there is a lot of robotics system that go into them all. This makes them one of the most needed job roles in the consumer durable industry.

This is how it works. The robotics engineer creates robots that carry out some functions. This will be a great one for you if you are sound at math and science, good at solving problems and find it fun to work with machines.

The average annual salary of a robotic engineer is about $89,000.

2. Automotive engineer

You see all the cars you see all around, are not products of magic or anything similar. They were produced by engineers, automotive engineers to be specific. Hence, the need for a car or automotive company for an automotive engineer

They can either choose to work on a part of the engine, or the whole.

These engineers need to be skilled in math and science, it should be their forte. They must be able to identify and solve problems – problem-solving skills. They should be able to work alone when necessary, and also work perfectly well with a team.

Many times, there are need to work in a team. So, an automotive engineer must be able to work among a team, as a member.

The average salary of an automotive engineer is about $72,000.

3. Automotive sales manager

Just like any other company that sells products, car or automotive companies also need a great number of sales representatives. Among all these sales managers, someone is needed to manage, lead and inspire adequate work from other representatives.

The role they play in the company is key, as they ensure that cars are sold, and they are well paid by car companies.

If you think working with people is a thing you are built for, and that you are much more convincing then this might be worth the shot. You will get to communicate with people, and deal with them in this role.

4. Quality assurance engineer

Just like the name of the job sounds, a quality assurance engineer assures the quality of a product before it is massively pushed out for use. They make testing programs through with they run programs to detect any problem or issues before they mass distribute the product to the user.

They ensure that the consumer durables like cars, dishwashers, etc are working perfectly without any glitches.

The engineers should be sound at coding and computer engineering. There are cases where mechanical or electronic engineering knowledge is needed.

If you are particular about being strategic, finding problems and solving them, and great at math and science as a student, you can put this into consideration.

The average annual salary of a quality assurance engineer is about $86,000.

5. Electronics Engineer

The main duty of an electronics engineer is to design electronic systems. These are the systems that can be used in washing machines, TV, etc. The consumer durables industry is a very green spot for electronics engineers. There are a lot of opportunities in the industry.

Just like a few others, I mentioned above, if you like math and science as a student, this might be a thing for you. Creativity and problem-solving skills are essential skills to have in this industry as an electronics engineer.

The average annual salary of an electronics engineer is about $101,000.

6. Computer Engineers

What computer scientists do is make computer programs that can work on laptops, Smartphones, television, etc.

Computer engineers do more than you think. They build for a lot of things – many of the appliances you have at home have computer chips built by computer engineers in them.

If you know the concept of how computers work and have deep problem-solving skills, this might just be for you.

The average annual salary of a computer engineer is about $97,000.

7. Product brand manager

Besides making products, companies in the consumer durable industry need to have a brand that can relate and interact with the targeted market. This includes trying to make sure that the products are of good quality, packaging the products better, and knowing or accessing your competitors in the industry. All these may need to be done just to make sure that the products keep being relevant.

These professionals are most often skilled in marketing, advertising, and PR. Even if they are not all skilled in these areas, they should be able to communicate effectively, analyze things well, and be good with data.

The average annual salary of a product brand manager is about $101,000.

8. Fashion forecaster

This job might seem a little new to you. Did you at any point discover that some fashion stores make and distribute particular dresses just about the time that they are in vogue?

This is a thing that can be ascribed to the work of a fashion forecaster. Probably you can call them fashion seers. By putting some things into consideration, they predict styles and sometimes a colour that can be in vogue per season.

Fashion forecasters are very important to businesses like jewellery, and car design. Many companies depend on the prediction of the fashion forecaster to be ahead of the game in their industry always.

If you think you have a knack for knowing what might trend per time. This might be a good career option for you.


Entry Level Jobs You Can Get in Consumer Durables

I know you are wondering what if I’m getting into an entry-level job, what is it going to be like for me? I am going to run over a few entry-level jobs in the consumer durable industry.

  1. Sales representatives

Any company producing need sales reps who will market their products to the world. Most of the time, you don’t have to have all the experiences in the world before you can do this. Just a little experience will do.

Sales representatives help a customer make an informed decision about products. They also cater to the questions and complaints of customers either offline or online.

If you think this is a thing that might work for you because you can communicate well with people, handle pressure and convince people, then you are good to go.

The average annual salary of a sales representative is about $56,000

  1. Interior designer

Ever seen a beautiful workspace, rooms retail space, and wonder how they get to design the interior like that? That is the work of an interior designer.

Stores, companies, etc in the consumer durables industry employ their services to help them brand the interior of their buildings, helping them in making products that can fit perfectly into different homes.

Do you love passing a message by designing a space? You might be on your way to earning a living for yourself by pursuing a career as in interior design. You can work on jobs contract based.

The average annual salary for interior design is about $52,000.

  1. Manufacturing technician

This role is not much to explain. Just like the name, they participate in the manufacturing of products. The requirements are not huge, which makes it perfect as an entry job.

The average annual salary for a manufacturing technician is about $36,000.


Final Thoughts

I hope this guide encompasses all that you need to make an informed decision about the consumer durables industry.


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