Jan. 6 Hearings Implodes! Liz Cheney On the Verge Of Losing Her Position in Wyoming
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Jan. 6 Hearings Implodes! Liz Cheney On the Verge Of Losing Her Position in Wyoming

Jan. 6 Hearings Implodes! Liz Cheney On the Verge Of Losing Her Position in Wyoming, a Republican congresswoman from Wyoming, continues to receive bad news. Trump for prosecution. Committee chair Bennie Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat, told CNN the committee does not have the ability to refer Trump for prosecution we’re going to tell you the truth.


I’m sure they will if the Justice Department looks into this and decides something warrants further investigation,” he said. When pressed further, he replied, “No, that’s not our job.

It is our responsibility to investigate the facts and circumstances of January 6th before making any recommendations. Cheney and other Democrats didn’t want to hear that. Cheney’s problems are more serious because her crucial witness was attacked when Jan. 6 Hearings Imploded. During a special hearing, Cassidy Hutchinson, a former adviser to former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, testified before the committee.


Many of his allegations against Trump have been proven false. Many of Hutchinson’s obscene claims have, been refuted by people who know the truth. Hutchinson’s evidence consisted largely of second-hand information and hearsay, which she received from others but did not observe herself.

One of the most surprising moments of his testimony came when he claimed that after being told he would not be able to visit the Capitol on January 6, 2020, Trump grabbed the steering wheel of the presidential limousine and then grabbed Secret Service member Bobby by the throat held But shortly after testifying, Engel claimed that the incident he described never happened.


Trump’s security guard Tony Ornato and Engel, the agent driving the president’s van, refuted Hutchin’s claims, saying they would swear under oath in that no agent was hurt and that Trump never took the wheel. Eric Herschmann, Trump’s former White House counsel, disputed Hutchinson’s claim that she wrote Trump a memo for him to read on Jan. 6. Herschmann claimed that he, not Hutchinson, was the drafter of the memorandum.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Cheney’s attempt to keep his Wyoming headquarters is going too far. She remains behind her main GOP rival, Harriet Hageman, who garnered support from the late President Donald Trump last fall, according to a recent poll.


The poll also found that Cheney is a whopping 30 points behind Hageman. Wyoming voters are fed up with Cheney, too. Jon Nicolaysen, who wants to support Cheney’s opponent Harriet Hageman, said: “It’s time for a change.“Liz has become a vendetta against Trump and has lost sight of what is important.

According to Rebecca Bextel, owner of a business services company in Jackson, “I think if it’s a fair choice, there’s no question, there’s no question, Hageman is going to win and she’s going to win big.” “There’s a lot of enthusiasm for them, People are happy.

Max Jacobson, who hosted Trump’s event last month, noted that Hageman grew up on a ranch in Wyoming and said he and his family have supported her since she experienced a similar childhood. Harriet Hageman was probably walking around while carrying the bucket when the animal was spayed, Jacobson speculated.”That is the difference.

She leads by example. Jim King, a professor of political science at the University of Wyoming, said that “people have largely made up their minds.” “If you’re for Cheney, then you’re for Cheney. If you work for Hageman or [State sen. Anthony] Bouchard, I doubt that anything said during the committee hearings will have any bearing on your support.


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  1. Swamp Liz is done !! Don’t believe me put a fork in her!!! See will be gone like Daddy Dick!!! She’s the best of the swamp!!!!

    1. Just another part of the swamp none of the demerits r for Americans there all about themselves we don’t want governed like china or Russia there all a bunch of traitors

  2. Hey Liz dance with the Devil and you get burnt, simple as that a good politician you’re not!!!!!!!

  3. That women is horrible takes after her daddy she needs to go and NOW she needs to never be allowed in politics again she is not a republican she went to republican so she could play against the Republicans she is demecrte all the way and her witch hunt for a great man like Trump proves how horrible she is she is out for power and money and nothing good. Get rid of her

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