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JUST IN: Governor Abbott sends first bus of illegals Migrants to Biden in Washington

Governor Abbott sends the first bus of illegals to Biden in Washington. The Governor’s effective campaign to deport illegal immigrants to Democrat-controlled cities continues. For the first time since the beginning, she now turns her attention to New York City.


He has handed over fifty illegal immigrants to Mayor Adams for his care today: FOX NEWS – It’s reported that the first busload of illegal immigrants from Texas has arrived in New York City. More than fifty people applied for asylum at a Port Authority
office in New York City on Friday.

Charity workers and NGO volunteers met them and arrested them after greeting them. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott dispatched the bus with illegal immigrants. It has brought cross-border workers to liberal areas to draw attention to the problem of illegal immigration. in your state. Abbott sends immigrants who crossed the border illegally to Texas cities.


According to Gov. Abbott, “the state of Texas was compelled to take unprecedented steps to protect our citizens” as a result of the vice president’s decision that Biden continues not to address the problem caused by his policy of maintaining an open border.

The state of Texas continues to draw the attention of the federal government even as more illegal immigrants travel by bus from Texas to the nation’s capital. “Alongside Washington, District of Columbia, New York City is the perfect destination for these migrants, who have access to the wealth of city services and housing that Mayor Eric Adams has boasted about in the shelter city. . New York City is the best destination for these migrants.


I hope to keep its promise to welcome all migrants with open arms so that our border communities, who are now overwhelmed and overwhelmed, can get a break. The latest group of people leaving Texas for Washington, D.She arrived on a bus on Tuesday evening.

At least 5,100 migrants have been relocated to the state’s capital, according to the state of Texas. I have to admit, I’m amused to see the stress this situation is causing for Democratic mayors like Muriel Bowser in the District of Columbia, who is complaining about being run over by buses full of illegal immigrants. You can also expect Adams to vent his frustration about this shortly. effective as she was, I’m glad she’s making the effort.


These communities need to learn what it’s like to deal with an influx of illegal immigrants for which they were unprepared. Although it’s only a small part of the problems border towns face, it shows the problem quite well. Not that it would affect anything else significantly. However, it is healthy when children suffer …


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