“MAGA Has NEVER Been Stronger” - Conservative groups won't let Pennsylvania get away with "election fraud
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“MAGA Has NEVER Been Stronger” – Conservative groups won’t let Pennsylvania get away with “election fraud

Conservative groups won’t let Pennsylvania get away with “election fraud” Last Friday, the Republican National Committee (RNC) announced it would pursue a lawsuit against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for illegally “curating” electoral lists, in which voters change voting officials at elections inappropriate or garbled ballots, rather than treating them as required by the Constitution. ), the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, and concerned Pennsylvania voters in a lawsuit against the state of Pennsylvania over allegations of voter suppression.


Pennsylvania’s Democratic leaders, including Gov. Tom Wolf, violated the Constitution by refusing to set statewide election standards. The Republican Party’s commitment to making voting easier and reducing fraud in
Pennsylvania and across the country are underscored by this lawsuit, which will give people more confidence in the integrity of their elections.

The action, as stated in a press release from the Republican National Committee, is an attempt to end the discriminatory and unconstitutional practice of allowing voters in some counties of Pennsylvania to “recover” damaged mail-in ballots while voters from other counties do so Option not received.


According to the newspaper, the law does not allow Pennsylvania counties to notify voters and give them the opportunity to correct their ballots. While many Pennsylvania communities comply with the Act and do not allow remediation, some have adopted a remediation process. If a postal vote contains an obvious error, e.g. B. missing information, a poll worker “corrects” it by filling in the gaps. No one but the voter may fill out the voter’s ballot in accordance with the law.

If a mail-in ballot is not properly filled out as required by law, it should be considered invalid rather than poll officials amending its contents so it can be counted. The lawsuit states, “In 2020, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled unanimously that ‘the electoral statute provides procedures for the casting and counting of a ballot by mail,’ but does not provide a procedure for notice and opportunity to cure a voter, who does not meet requirements for absentee voting or absentee ballots.”


According to the lawsuit, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court also ruled that the judgment establishing an intimidation and cure trial is intended to reduce the risk of a voter’s ballot being denied for failing to meet the eligibility requirements of the secret ballot form and the signing of the election statute for mailing ballots and ballots are best suited to ensure that these guidelines are implemented consistently throughout Pennsylvania, it is up to the state legislatures to
enact them.

The RNC has stated that due to the plain language of the United States Constitution, state legislatures are the appropriate bodies to set election procedures.


“Governor Tom Wolf has vetoed and blocked Pennsylvania Republican-led legislation to solve [the issue of ballot curing],” the RNC added. “Now, a coalition of Republican groups and concerned citizens are stepping in to defend and standardize Pennsylvania elections.”


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