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How To Make Money As A Student In School 2021


How to make money as a successful student – 10 tips to help student to get through the hassle of university’s life:

Nowadays, students are broke most of the time except if they come from a rich family. The majority of them wish to have some money in their pocket which they can spend whenever they feel the need to reduce their stressful student’s life. They need to have fun with their mates, going out for movies, dinner, lunch and much more. To get to that point, they need to start a side hustle which is usually very hard to fit with their busy schedule in school. After doing some researches and also experiencing few ways myself of making money as a student, I am going to share with you 10 tips on how to still find the time to make money on the side as a busy student:

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1. Try To Become A Minimalist:

A minimalist is an individual who has taken the decision on living with only what he needs and only focusing his spending on what makes him truly happy. As an example: I don’t believe a student need a TV, a computer is a must because they can be doing few freelance jobs using software such as: Microsoft office, Photoshop and more. So in other words a computer, a bed and a desk, is all they need in their room. Spending on what makes a student happy means: saving, investing and spending. Do your researches on how to be a minimalist on google.

2. Start Saving And Selling All Your Junks:

From my understanding and to tell you the truth, this tip is not about making money because making money is all about profit. I call it raising capital, yes raising capital from your junks and your mistakes. A smart student should have an entrepreneurial mind and never get attached to anything that is not generating any money for him. You have 2 phones, sell one and open a saving Account. Too many clothes, liquidate them. For a student every penny is good money.


3. Start Investing:

I know you should be asking yourself how can I be investing? I am a broke student! Well from tips 2 I believe you had just opened a saving account with pennies in it, right? then let’s get these pennies to work. Do you have a computer? You must! then start investing on surfing the internet, doing researches on how to make money, that is the first investment, good investments don’t always make immediate returns and sometime learning can become a lifetime income.

4. Look For A Part Time Job:

Successful students must use themselves as a service or product, since they have a very low capital, they must invest on improving their current skills or learning new ones. Marketing jobs are easy to get and give you a lot a flexibly with your schedule. These jobs should not take more than 2 hours a day and 20 hours a week, you can split it on a 3 days’ span if you have the time to. Basically students have the ability to exploit their free time to market themselves and makes extra cash.


5. Start A Buying And Selling Business:

Have you ever heard of the buy low and sell high business? Yes, you heard me right! it is still profitable until date if you find the right product to sell with the small capital you had raised. Find a product that is cashable which you can flip very fast, don’t buy anything that you cannot sell in less than 3 days. Try to find as much places as you can where you can advertise and market your product. Social media is a good place to start, then there are classified websites and communities available online, most cities in the world have their own online classified websites, google the nearest to your area, you must surely find one. You can also try to do garage sales and pop up shops or selling at trade fairs.

6. Teach In Your Spare Time:

Every student has something to teach, since they are students, right? It makes sense, so look for that skill you have that others don’t and teach it for a reasonable fee. Don’t be expensive you are still a student, make quick cash and enjoy your studies. Teaching 6 hours a week should be a good fit to your busy study life which will be another revenue under your belt.


7. It Is All About Revenue And Timing:

I have come to realize that mother nature only pays us based on the time we put into work. The more you work the more you get paid, remember that catchy and popular sentence just like a verse in the bible? TIME IS MONEY! Yes, time is money and the more time you put to work the more you get a chance to increase your revenue. Timing is everything, so in order to make money, students must know how to account for their free time then exploit it to their advantages in order to increase their revenue. You must learn to account for your free time like you are counting your money.

8. Learn And Master Other Languages In A Short Time:

This is one of my favorite tip, learning and mastering another trending language. Learning a new language will open doors for more opportunities, it is a boost for your curriculum vitae and will make you stand out from the competition in the employment market. It also helps you to get clever, as being bilingual helps you to improve your ability to learn and think. Providing translation service and teaching is also one of the many benefits of learning new languages.

9. Start Going To Seminars And Learn Short Skills And Trades:

Seminars are a good way to elevate yourself spiritually and mentally, they are perfect networking environment and get you to meet people of the same interest: spiritual seminars, entrepreneurship and markets fair are advised for every student as they will be learning about new products and ideas. Learning short skills is also advised, skills such as: computer repairs, cell phone repairs, Photoshop, video editing, marketing, web design and much more.

10. Think About Launching A Start-Up:

Well mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook has done it, so why not you? Do yours researches on entrepreneurship and startups in your area, build a team, start sharing ideas and dare yourself to bring them to life, this will be a fun and surprising experience, it is mainly a long term investment which can surprise you beyond yours believes in a near future. You must conduct a lot of researches on entrepreneurship and follow few mentors who had done it in the past.


With all of this, I have come to the conclusion that as you read all these tips, you come to understand that making money on the side as a student is not that exiting. It is all about making quick and fast cash to survive to the daily struggle, these 10 tips should help you to understand how to build your value up while you are still in school. I believe by following all these tips most students should learn the value of being patient and on how to start building entrepreneurial habits before getting ready for the business and employment world. They can keep applying all these principles after they graduate from school and get their dream job.


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