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Materials You Need To Prepare for WAEC 2021


After writing a comprehensive article on how to pass 2021 WAEC examination last week, i thought it wise to also write on the essential materials that will be needed to prepare properly for WAEC examination. So today, i will be making a list of all the necessary materials you need to prepare for WAEC examination and pass with at least; 7(seven) distinctions.

materials you need to prepare for WAEC

Meanwhile, if you have not start preparing and reading for 2021 WAEC examination yet, i enjoin you to start reading now. You can read my article on the best time to start preparing for WAEC examination here. That will also help you to get ready for WAEC 2021 examination. Now lets go back to the topic of the day.

Materials To Prepare For WAEC

Below are the materials you need to prepare for WAEC examination:

  • Reading timetable.
  • WAEC syllabus.
  • WAEC past questions and answers.
  • Textbooks recommended by WAEC.
  • Your personal notebooks.
  • Jotter.
  • A smart phone.

Yes! Those are the materials you need to prepare for WAEC examination and pass excellently. Nevertheless, you are advised to continue reading, if you want to know how these materials can help you prepare for the impending WAEC examination.

Reading timetable:

A reading timetable table is one of the most important materials needed to prepare for WAEC examination. Creating a timetable will help you to make out reasonable time for reading. It will also ensure that you cover your WAEC syllabus to a very large extent.


Meanwhile, it is important to note that the time you have left before WAEC examination, will determine how you will construct your timetable. For instance, if your WAEC exam is near already, you have to create more time for reading in your timetable.

Trust me; a good timetable is one of the essential WAEC materials you need.


WAEC syllabus:

Another important material you need to prepare for WAEC examination is WAEC syllabus. The importance of a syllabus cannot be overemphasized. With a WAEC syllabus you can get all the likely questions that will be asked in the impending WAEC examination.

Aside this, WAEC syllabus enables you to know the recommended textbooks by WAEC for every subject. No doubt, if you really want to prepare for WAEC examination; you need a current WAEC syllabus.


WAEC past questions and answers:

WAEC past questions and answers are as important as WAEC syllabus. In fact, it is a must to have your WAEC past questions and answers if you really want to pass WAEC examination with good grades.

First, WAEC past questions and answers will enable you to understand the way WAEC always ask their questions. Thus, studying past questions will make you more familiar with the standard of questions WAEC often ask. Coupled with that, it will reduce your fear and tensions for the examination.

More so, those who study past WAEC questions have greatest chance of passing WAEC examination because, WAEC always repeat their previous question.

Textbooks recommended by WAEC:

It is no longer rumour that WAEC ask questions from the recommended textbook they always publish. Yes! In every WAEC syllabus, WAEC always give the list of recommended textbook for candidates to study. Well, to some WAEC candidates, those textbooks are useless; but that is a big fat lie. I mean, if they were truly useless, WAEC wouldn’t have listed them there.

The truth is that, WAEC always ask questions (Word to word) from those recommended textbook. So, if you can afford the money to purchase them, do so quickly.

Your personal notebooks:

Another material that will help you to prepare for 2021 WAEC examination properly, is your personal notebooks. I know that not every student still have his/her secondary school textbooks, but if you can get yours; study them.

The reason why i suggest that your personal notebooks will help you a lot to prepare for WAEC examination is because, you are the author of the book. Thus, its contents will be easier for you to understand effectively.


A Jotter is also important to pass WAEC examination. One of the things that have been confirmed to foster learning in schools today, is jotting. Any time you jot down a point when you are reading, that point will be stored in your memory quickly. And whenever you return to that jotter to study, you will easily remember everything you read.

So you see, a jotter is important indeed. Trust me; this will help you very well to prepare for WAEC examination this year.

A smart phone:

When preparing for WAEC examination, you will definitely need to do research about questions that are perplexing. To do such research, you need a smart phone that can access the internet. Yes! Research is very important to every WAEC candidate. Through research, you will be able to tell whether a question is answered correctly in WAEC past questions and answers or not.

Aside that, a smart phone will help you to get latest news about WAEC examination. Remember, awareness is also very important to pass WAEC examination. If you are not always at alert, you will will definitely make a big mistake that is capable of causing you to fail the examination.

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For the main time, these are the essential WAEC materials you need. Trust me; if you can use these materials properly, you will pass WAEC examination without much stress.

Hope this article was helpful? If you have any more questions or contributions on the materials needed to prepare for WAEC examination, do ask me using the comment section.


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