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News: John Durham Exposes Another Criminal In The Plot To Frame Trump

A little over 10 days before the general election, more than 1 million blank mail-in ballots were cast in Fulton County, Georgia, according to election officials. They would not have enough time to fold their ballots, pack their envelopes and mail their ballots. to take part in the elections in good time.


The fact that they didn’t order envelopes indicates that they didn’t. Even deceased admirers of Biden must be at a loss as to the current state of affairs. In addition to Georgia, of Maricopa County, Arizona received ballots from Runbeck, the same company that shipped ballots to citizens of that state.

Are absentee ballots bought in Maricopa County, Arizona also bought late? I’m not sure if anyone checked how many things were purchased and shipped, but I suspect they did. election officials. Given the possibility that Brad Raffensperger was previously aware of the situation, it’s unlikely he will launch an investigation into the matter.


There is a clear doubt that Runbeck rigged the election by giving hundreds of votes to a single person. This is the same person who invented the false narrative about the fictional basement water leak in the first place. Is it possible he was just buying time to give Biden an advantage?

Again, I’m not sure, but it seems like a good idea to find out more about this just to be sure. On election night, President Trump had a significant lead in the swing states, and all of those states had nightly ballot failures that would have occurred at a time when they would have known how many votes to beat President Obama in the polls. As mentioned above, according to The Gateway Pandit, Brian Runbeck is said to be employed by the company he founded.


The Client Services Manager/Project Manager and Production Coordinator for Runbeck Election Services is Brian Runbeck who works for the company. He presents himself as a top manager despite not being a member of the company’s executive team.

He is responsible for managing the production of ballots and other election-related documents, which is an integral part of his job. He claims to be able to meet deadlines even under extreme time pressure and in large-scale production of the.


Based on information available as of October 30, 2020, Mr. Runbeck has donated $50 to Act Blue, Biden for President, and the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, among others. Also, note that none of these voices contain the BAR CODE information.

According to a testimony released earlier this week by IT specialist Javon Pulitzer, Republican ballots in Fulton County for the general election contained barcodes but Democratic ballots did not.


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  1. If they know this, why isn’t anyone doing anything about it.This is crazy!! All this criminal activity going on and NOTHING. If President Trump sneezed they would be all over him investigating with magnifying glasses. Truly Unbelievable!!!!!

  2. our elections are a joke we must go to paper ballots and vote on one day and count on that day it isn’t hard we are supposed to be more advanced now or are we just lazy. and the big ? is do we have a true 3 part government I watched f—ing wray do his two step and not answer any ?’s he is a piece of shit just like soros and the hitler clone I can never remember it’s name all the way down to shit for brains and shit his pants biden and the faster interviewer. it came out in court that hilary paid for and indorced the fake russia shit when they freed that lawyer of hers he said it in open court just read the fucking transcript and charge her and jail her do that and the media will have to quit lying about everything f— this is so aggravating we have ate shit for 5 years u shouldn’t leave shit up to people like me we might just get carried away and not stop till we get to the last reporter and news caster not to mention the who and fouci and the drug companies the mask wearing fucks need nuted and stretched on a pole

  3. Can’t understand why all them scumbags arnt in jail Biden fauci pelosi Schumer who Hilary Wray nadler Paul Ryan lock the lot up together in high maximum prison for life and leave trump back we’re he should be taken down the evil Chinese ccp:

  4. Hoover the first director of the fbi wore dresses to work, with accessories ie high 👠 shoes pearl necklaces et- al…a fact !!! I wouldn’t be surprised 😯 if he recruited his staff who were prone to similar prederalictions to conceal his actions, during a time when that behavior was fround upon!!! SURPRISE 😂!!!

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