Nigerian Navy Ranks & Salaries 2021 (New Increase by Buhari)


Most Nigerians are concern with knowing how much the Nigerian Navy pays it staff, just like other arms of the military force, like the army, police and the airforce, the Navy is the highest pay. The Navy salary scale range from the junior staff’s to the senior staff.

The Nigerian Navy ranks it members from the lowest to the highest, the junior officer are known as the Non-commission officer while the senior officer are the Commission officer. The list of the navy ranks and salary structure we be highlight in these article.

For our readers interested in becoming a member of any force especially the Nigerian Navy Force (NNF) click on the Nigerian Navy portal for more information. The portal is open for two (2) sets of people, the graduate and non-graduate.


There are two stream of the NNF, The Commission and Non-commission officers

The Commission officers are the graduate, those with higher qualifications who are interest in joining the navy, they will apply via DSSC, all documents would be summit via the navy portal.

While the Non-commission officer are those with lower qualifications.


The Nigerian Navy Rank

Commission officers

The Commission officers are known as the senior officer, which are the



An admire is the most senior officer in the Nigerian Navy force, the position is base on merit and hard work.

Vice Admire


The vice admire is next to the Admire

Rear Admire




Lieutenant commander




Non-Commissioned Officer

Warrant Chief petty officer

Chief petty officer

Petty officer

Leading rating

Able rating

Ordinary rating


Salary Structure of the NN 2021

The salary structure of the Nigerian Navy force would be outline below, her salary scale is base on annually. We start from the Commission officers to the Non-commission once.

Admire: #16,303,140 Annually

Vice Admire: #13,363,229

Rear Admire: #12,038,945

Commodore: #7,385,856

Captain: #3,715,859

Commander: #3,380,086

Lieutenant commander: #2,976,053

Lieutenant: #2,404,137

Sub-Lieutenant: #2,300,123

Mid-Shipman: #2,285,902

The Navy salary can’t be compare to any force in Nigeria, they remain the highest pay officer amongst other force sisters, though the duty of a naval officer is risky, due to their combat with pirate on sea. The Navy motto still remains ”Onward Together”

The Nigerian Navy adhere to discipline, the discipline measure cut across to every officers, both junior and senior officer. The Navy is other branch of military that perform both and land and water, they are mainly to secure the boundaries that link between countries.

The master of the Navy is known as Admire, the position is base on appointment by the President of the federation the ”GCFR” The GCFR is the ”Gran Commander of the Federal Republic” which is the senior of all military body in Nigeria.

The chief of Naval Staff in Nigeria is the highest ranking officer and most senior Commission , the position is also base on appointment. The newly appointed chief of staff 2021. Vice Admire, Awwal Zubairu Gambe. He was appointe as the chief of Naval Staff, 26th January 2021.

We will be please to have your comments about the NN what do you think about it, your comment below.


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  1. God bless the federal republic of Nigeria and also Nigeria Navy at large. My name are:
    Bawa Alpha Madaki, from kaduna state Nigeria, am a graduate of management And information technology (MIT) from abubakar tafawa balewa university bauchi. I will love to work with Nigeria Navy, I pray and hope one day a favor may come from navy to enable me to achieve my dreams in life. God bless us all.

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