List of Oil and Gas Companies In Nigeria


In Nigeria, the petroleum industry has always been a major source of income and also became a source of about 94% of Nigeria’s foreign exchange earnings currently.

Therefore it is noticeable that oil and gas companies play a major role in the Nigerian economy. In Africa, Nigeria stands as the biggest exporter of oils and gas.

These companies greatly contribute to Central government revenues and also supply budget funds more than 70% in Nigeria. Nigeria is the biggest producer of oil and gas in Africa and an abode for a lot of international oil companies.


These are the full list of the oil & gas companies of Nigeria:

Exxon Mobil

Exxon Mobil, the world’s largest oil-producing company and its working are related to energy trading and chemical manufacturers, develops and applies next-generation technologies.


Among the three subsidiaries of the petroleum company, ExxonMobil one is Mobil Producing Nigeria (MNP) and its working began in 1995. MNP is the second-largest crude oil in Nigeria where it possesses 90 platforms on 3200 sq km of the province.

The official website of the company is



The common name for Royal Dutch Shell’s Nigerian operation and is carried out through four subsidiaries. Primarily Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Ltd (SPDC) and started its business in Nigeria in 1937 as Shell D’Arcy and was settled an examination license.

The company provides reliable lightning and electric power to their citizens and small businesses, creating thousands of jobs and educating and training thousands in the process. This company arranged a joint project account for more than 21% of Nigeria’s total petroleum production.


The official website of the company is


Chevron is the third-largest oil producer and one of the largest investors in Nigeria, with billions in annual resources funds. Chevron companies in Nigeria have varying interests but the main fields of interest for the company are oil, gas and alternative energy sources.

Chevron operates under a joint venture arrangement with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) for the offshore and onshore in the Niger Delta region.

The official website of the company is

Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC)

NAOC is the subsidiary of the ENI (Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi, Italian multinational Oil and Gas Company) established in Nigeria since 1962.

They are active in the exploration and production sector and work onshore and offshore blocks of the Niger Delta. It is a joint venture of the various major company of the oil and gas industry- NNPC (60%) Agip (20%) and Conoco-Phillips (20%).

The official website of the company is .


Formerly known as Statoil and StatoilHydro is a Norwegian state-owned multinational energy company headquartered in Stavanger. Equinor established in Nigeria since the early 1990s.

They played a significant role in developing the country’s largest deepwater field Agbami. Equinor is widely recognized as one of the most innovative and caring companies in the energy industry and also provide exciting opportunities.

The company’s website is


It is an international petroleum company that launched in Nigeria and had been working for over 50 years. At present, it has a wide distribution network of over more than 500 oil stations.

Their interest in the construction of the stations is to provide energy solutions that are efficient and environmentally friendly.

The company’s official website is

Hardy Oil & gas plc

Hardy Oil & Gas plc is a leading British based oil and gas exploration and production business and headquartered in Aberdeen. This company had been working with Nigeria and Nigerians over 20 years.

Their current financial assets in Atala and Oza and currently arranging joint ventures with Bayelsa Oil Company Ltd and Millenium Oil and Gas Company explore these oil fields. The company holds 20% of the interest in Oza & Atala and its net worth is estimated at more than 70 million pounds.

The official website of the company is .


Lukoil is a Russian multinational energy corporation headquartered in Mosque shows interest in the business of extraction, production, transport and export of petroleum, natural gas and petroleum products.

This company shows interest in working with Nigeria and a deal approved with NNPC on Oct 2015.

The official website of the company is


Nigeria is Africa’s largest oil producer and has been a member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting countries. According to the International Monetary Fund, the Nigerian economy is highly dependent on the oil sector which accounts for over 95% of export earnings and about 40% of government revenues.

The establishments of these companies not only provide job opportunities; even they provide energy and power to every shelter and also help financially to the local citizens and to the small business. They provide proper training and develop skills. These companies are said to be a boon to Nigeria and the Nigerians. 


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