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President Trump Calls Out the Corrupt Obama Machine – “They Spied on me and even Spied on the White House”

President Trump issued a statement minutes ago calling for the immediate release of Obama’s chief of staff’s emails ahead of the 2017 inauguration. I am demanding the release of all text conversations exchanged with Barack Obama’s chief of staff during his inauguration to annul the 2016 presidential election instantly.


They spied on my campaign, my transition team, and even the White House while I was in the White House. it’s Russia, Russia, the Russia hoax, the Mueller scam, and other hoaxes. I’m curious to know what the lyrics will tell.

Contrary to my chief of staff, who believes patriotic Americans are concerned about widespread and illegal voter fraud in 2020, I believe bad things are about to be discovered. with RINO as John McCain to nullify President Trump’s inauguration. The most chilling revelation to the Obama administration was that it was boasting about its Russia liaison meetings at the White House, which began in July 2016.


According to a report by the far-left Washington Post, Obama attended secret Russia conspiracy meetings in the basement of the White House, with no documents from those meetings having been revealed yet. This was, of course, a riot and a violation of the law.

President Obama and his team worked together to mislead the GOP presidential nominee with lies, using government resources to do so. Steele’s fabricated dossier. This dossier was eventually paid for by Hillary’s campaign.


To date, however, little has been done to punish Obama’s insurgents. Then, after the 2020 election, the same group of Democrats and RINO joined forces to frame President Trump as a villain for declaring the stolen elections stolen. The January 6 committee was formed to further anger President Trump and prevent him from running for re-election. This farce is being perpetrated by radicals on a committee that was not even formed in
in accordance with the law or the constitution.

Next, the Jan. 6 committee sends emails to CNN from Mark Meadows, President Trump’s chief of staff. What a garbage heap of bugs. US President Donald Trump is right. Let’s look at the emails and messages sent out by Obama’s boss. of staff after the 2016 elections. I’m sure we’ll discover a real uprising there. We know this because they told the Washington Post about their secret meetings at the Obama White House.


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