federal charges and Hunter Biden in prison
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Realistic chance for federal charges and Hunter Biden in prison: Honig says on CNN

Realistic chance of federal lawsuit and Hunter Biden in jail: Honig says on CNN Elie Honig called Hunter Biden about his laptop and his investigation during an episode on CNN. Honey suggested that there was a “very real and comprehensive investigation into potentially serious federal crimes. ..


There is a reasonable chance this will result in federal indictments” as they attempt to jail Hunter Biden. , and the possibility of Hunter Biden facing federal charges and even jail time. None of this bodes well for President Joe Biden or his administration.

Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive was recently placed on the congressional record by Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz during a hearing. Gaetz said on social media: “Recently I successfully entered Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive into the Congressional Record. SUMMON HUNTER BIDEN! Jerry Nadler initially objected, but eventually relented and allowed it.


Nadler didn’t seem particularly thrilled when Gaetz entered the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive in the congressional filing. Newsmax further reported: “Hunter Biden’s external hard drive components for laptops are now the subject of records.

At a House Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday, Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Florida, received permission to enter the contents of the hard drive from Biden’s impounded laptop into the congressional record. During an interview with Bryan Vorndran, deputy director of the FBI’s Cyber ​​Division, Gaetz inquired about the status and whereabouts of the laptop the FBI reportedly received from a Delaware repair shop in April 2019.


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