Top 10 Richest Men in Enugu State & Net Worth (2022)


Who are the top richest men in Enugu State? Enugu State is a place where coal is deposited in large quantities, the richest men in the state and how they make their money would be revealed in this article.

Can anyone in Enugu State be compare to the likes of Otedola, Dangote, and Mike Adenuga? These businessmen amaze wealth for themselves through their work and zealousness to attaining greatness, they are popularly known as Nigerian richest men. Amongst the Igbos, they are some rich individuals.

Enugu State is a lucrative place where businessmen are to succeed due to the growth and development of the state. The state known as a city center for coal in large quantity to generate revenue for the state and the people leaving therein.


The top 10 richest men in Enugu State

Enugu state has a great number of rich men and women who are successful in their different areas of specialization. Many of these extremely rich people from the state are top legislators, top business people, and Chief executives. Let’s take a look at these rich men in Enugu state.

Here are the richest businessmen from Enugu state.


1. Senator Ike Ekweremadu 

Net Worth: $100 million

Senator Ike Ekweremadu is the current richest man in Enugu state with a net worth is value at $100 million and the most prominent politician that hails from the state. This influential legislator is one of the few persons to have occupied top positions in the country as the former deputy senate president of the national assembly.


Consistency has been his success as the top Nigerian politician has been in the Nigerian senate since the return of democracy in 2003. Ike Ekweremadu is a lawyer and also an entrepreneur who has been well doing in his business. 

2. Fidelis Okoro 

Net Worth: $89 million


Fidelis Okoro is also another wealthy man from Enugu state. This is another top politician and successful businessman. Fidelis is a former senator and one of the founding fathers of the top Nigerian political party, PDP.

Fidelis Okoro was born in Nsukka, a notable town in the state. The successful businessman and politician also own some successful business ventures which all contribute to his wealth. Fidelis Okoro has an estimated net worth of $89 million

3. Senator Ayogu Eze 

Net Worth: $70 million

Another rich politician on the list is Senator Ayogu Eze. He is also one of the richest men in Enugu state. The former senate member was a former senator and minister. He was a former gubernatorial candidate of Nigeria’s ruling party APC in the just concluded Enugu 2019 governorship elections.

Looking at Ayogu Eze’s profession, he was a former journalist before moving into politics. He is one of the wealthiest men in Enugu state, having an estimated net worth of $70 million. He has various exotic cars, landed properties, and numerous businesses.

4. Chief William Agbo 

Net Worth: $60 million

Chief William Agbo is a philanthropist, businessman, and the chairman of Wilson Group. This company is the maker of edible oil and other products in the state. He is also among the richest businessmen from the Enugu state and hails from Nsukka.

Chief William Agbo’s net worth is to be $60 million when you calculate all his assets, cars, and investments in the country.

5. Chief Samuel Onyeishi 

Net Worth: $50 million

Another Enugu’s richest man is Chief Samuel Onyeishi. He is the CEO of Peace Mass Transit, one of the leading motor transportation companies in Nigeria. Chief Samuel Onyeishi is one of the top richest businessmen in Enugu state this 2022.

Being lucrative in the transport industry, Chief Onyeishi is also into courier services, and with all these, he is indeed one of the most successful entrepreneurs that emanated from Igbo land. His net worth is to be $50 million.

6. Senator Chimaroke Nnamani 

Net Worth: $45 million

Chimaroke Nnamani was the former governor of Enugu state and is in the top echelons of the list of wealthy individuals in the state. It is that the former governor made wealth as a public office holder. Although he is a medical doctor, he also venture into politics and is represents the good people of Enugu east.

He is highly reputable in Enugu State though. Putting his assets and investments together, Chimaroke Nnamani net worth is to be at $45 million

7. Senator Ken Nnamani 

Net Worth: $40 million

The former Nigeria senate president and founding member of the major opposition party in Nigeria, PDP, is one of Enugu’s richest politicians. Senator Ken Nnamani is a top politician in the southeastern geo-political zone of the country. His net worth is at $40 million.

8. Sullivan Chime 

Net Worth: $30 million

The former governor of the state is one of the most successful men from Enugu who made a name for himself during his time in office. He is also a lawyer and has occupied various political positions aside from being the governor.

Under his administration, physical infrastructure, health services, education, and security were his priority. Sullivan Chime’s net worth is at $30 million including his assets, finances, and other investments.

9. Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka 

Net Worth: $20 million

Fr. Ejike Mbaka is one of the most influential men of God that hails from the Enugu state. The powerful catholic priest, popularly as Father Mbaka is one of the richest people from Enugu state. The renowned clergy owns and operate some successful production businesses within and outside the state in which he uses to help the poor

10. Festus Oshaba 

Net Worth: $10 million

Also on the list of the top ten richest entrepreneurs from Enugu state is Festus Oshawa. He is the CEO of Ferotex Construction Company which is not left out of the list.

The top chief executive officer is one of the most popular entrepreneurs and top chief executives from the coal city-state.


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