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Rick Scott: Biden, FBI and DOJ need to explain reason behind Trump raid

Rick Scott: Biden, FBI, and DOJ need to explain the reason behind the Trump raid. Senator Rick Scott, R-Florida, is demanding answers about why FBI agents raided former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. -Lago is incredibly worrying, especially given the Biden administrator’s track record of going after parents and other political opponents.


It’s a third-world thing.” “We need answers NOW. The FBI needs to explain what they did today and why,” he added. Although Trump wrote that he had “cooperated and cooperated with relevant government agencies,” the FBI searched Trump’s property in Palm Beach, Fla., and confiscated documents. Scott demanded answers during an interview on Fox News.

He called for answers from President Joe Biden, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and FBI Director Chris Wray. Florida Politics reported that Scott told Fox News, “This has to happen today. Separately, Merrick Garland, Christopher Wray, and Joe Biden should hold a press conference, answer all questions, explain what they’re doing, what each of them knew, and when.”


“That should scare all Americans until we get answers. They should be incredibly concerned added Scott, in 2024.”This is unprecedented. A former president, a potential Biden opponent in 2024, his home is searched. We know the Biden administration is targeting its opponents. Merrick Garland is targeting Democratic opponents,” Scott told Fox News.

He got more calls last night from people like, ‘What is this? Is that like Latin America, what they’re doing to political opponents in Latin America?’” Scott said. he’s after Biden.” Joe Biden destroyed the US economy. It’s time, to be honest with the American people. Joe Biden is not fit for the post and should resign,” Scott said at the beginning of the announcement.


3 Replies to “Rick Scott: Biden, FBI and DOJ need to explain reason behind Trump raid

  1. This is tyranny at its most. They’re scared Trump is putting the US like it’s supposed to be and not ran by these tranquil governments. And by the way Biden has no idea what to say if question him on this because he has no idea on what’s going on around him.

  2. I’m so thankful to read this! President Trump has never claimed to be perfect, but he does not deserve to be treated like a criminal! He’s done more good for this country than any other President and he’s compassionate and caring for the American people!! I’m sick and tired of the corruption of power hungry people who want to keep President Trump from doing the right thing to benefit the American people and this country!

  3. FBI should hand over the search warrant without it being redacted ,We the People of these United states of America deserve and demand to know what was in the original warrant the real one not the redacted one . Because if they don’t then everyone will think that this is a scam and a conspiracy con job . All of the documents that president Donald J Trump had are and where declassified so they need to show the proof of wrong doing, It sure is taking a long time Democrats why? Because they know that again there is nothing , so now they want to cover or try to cover this up.

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