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Special Council John Durham set to Imprison Hillary Clinton with new found Evidence

Special Prosecutor John Durham, who said under the gaze of a court that the activities of individuals involved in Hillary Clinton’s 2016 crusade are under investigation, was disappointed by how defendant Igor Danchenko was similarly approached.


Law firm targeting people in the Clinton lobby. The clarification on this is clear. Danchenko’s and Hillary Clinton’s crusade professors may have narrow interests given Durham’s goals of forgiving requests to anyone who provides data on others.

According to the Washington Examiner: A trained government judge has been told that staff at former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s official mission will be investigated in 2016 as part of their criminal investigation into the beginnings and direction of the Trump-Russia test.


The examination is led by special prosecutor Robert Müller. According to the legitimate organization, Danchenko and his missionary group is approached by legal counsel,
so there are no irreconcilable circumstances between them. Nothing could be further from the truth as Hillary’s legal team will work together to gain an advantage while protecting her image while protecting her appointment.

Would it be wise for her that if she runs for president again in 2024, her lawyers do everything they can to ensure that, if at all, she slits their clients’ throats to do so? focused on Igor Danchenko and the five counts of lying against him he faces.


In the meantime, the focus of the investigation has shifted to Hillary Clinton’s crusade, perhaps because some of her people had contacts with Danchenko. Michael Sussmann has also been accused of misleading the FBI about Trump’s ties to Russia’s Alpha Bank, according to the New York Times.

According to some reports, some of the creations recalled for the Steele dossier were linked to the Clinton lobby.” Foreigners” raid Nancy Pelosi’s house, Jump Fence make themselves at home. Durham acknowledged that Danchenko could have some potential protection issues. for the record with each other.


“The interests of the Clinton lobby and the defendant could be at stake on any of these counts,” the indictment said. According to the Washington Examiner, regarding alleged misinformation in the Clinton Lobby Company’s reports or data provided to the FBI, “Both the Clinton lobby and the litigant may have an objection, blame or the potential liability to be passed on to the next party,” Durham said. Many people forgot to focus on how this research is still progressing. However, the situation is undoubtedly likely to worsen further as Clinton may be in lockdown.


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  1. It’s starting to look like the evidence against these criminals like Obama Liz Cheney Joe Biden looks like they’re going down the sooner the better the American people also demand that their punishment be public televised it must be public rather it’s standing on the gallows sitting in electric chair or standing in front of a firing squad they must be punished and it must be public the American people are fed up with the lawlessness and Law enforcement that includes judges it’s time to put this socialist attempt to destroy our Constitution and our freedoms you must remember no mercy for any of these treasonous traitors that have made their selves known and all their property and money must be stripped from them and pass it out to the innocent men women and especially the children that the Sick individuals that have damaged these children remember no mercy for these traitors to our country and And remember to think our president Donald John Trump and our first lady Melania and the many patriots that are still fighting to keep our nation FREE we must remember to thank our President Trump and the Trump family for removing the veil from the eyes of the American people we can all see the criminals that are trying turn our country into Red China and GOD bless the United States of America

    1. Well, it is about time people are waking up! 👍

      It is Game Over! Every Scumbag is going down!

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