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The FBI created a fake crime scene at Mar-a-Lago by adding their documents to the scene

The FBI created a fake crime scene in Mar-a-Lago by attaching their documents to the crime scene and manipulating the crime scene photo. This is illegal. The Justice Department responded in a lawsuit filed by President Trump, asking a judge to review the FBI raid on his iconic Mar-a-Lago estate. In DOJ’s response, the DOJ attached a document it claims was taken at Mar-a-Lago. The photo was in the news on Wednesday, August 31, the day after it was handed over to the court.


The Independent poked fun at the Time magazine cover on the right side of the photo, which the Justice Department appears to have wanted to include in the photo to show that President Trump is so vain. There was no reason for this article in Time Magazine. in the picture.

The Daily Mail said: “The front page of Trump KEPT Time framed ‘enemies’ knocking on his window amid the collection of classified files, including documents labeled ‘Top Secret’ and those based on ‘human intelligence’ and
were scattered in Mar-a-Lago”. All of this was a lie. The FBI created the crime scene, inserted their own documents, and then Photoshopped the document.


What a shame. We know the feds wanted this to look like a crime scene. We know this because the number 2A is written at the bottom of the photo provided to the court, indicating that it is a crime scene photo. as well as a kind of measuring tape at the bottom of photo. The corrupt FBI threw the photos on the ground. You staged it yourself.

We know this because the dumpsters were right next door. The documents would have been placed on a table if the FBI wanted to photograph the documents. The FBI created a fake crime scene in Mar-a-Lago by attaching their documents to the crime scene and manipulating the crime scene photo, Showing them scattered on the ground is meant to show that this is how they were found, a lie that we explain below. Also, the cabinets are next to the documents that were probably kept. They were not stored on the floor.


The FBI has included documents in the photo. The covers in the photo above, which were red, yellow, and brown, were inserted by the FBI. It’s the front pages of the FBI. We know this for several reasons. The Trump White House didn’t need these envelopes for the documents they had because they had their own envelopes.

If you look closely at the photo above, the document is folded back just above 2A. The papers are stapled together as they should be. If you look at this stack, you can see that this document already had a cover sheet. It says “Save as…”. This is the actual cover.


Inserted the red, yellow, and brown covers. If you look closely at the yellow envelopes, they are attached to the documents. The documents would have been stapled. They’re clipped because they were inserted by the FBI.

In addition, the brown envelope with SCI reads as follows: The handling, storage, reproduction, and distribution of the attached document must be in accordance with the applicable regulations and regulations of the agency. This document has been inserted. The FBI included this to indicate that the “regulatory enforcement agency” ie the DOJ is involved in maintaining these records, but this is not the case.

The President has the right to the documents belonging to him. They are your property and an embedded document that says otherwise is simply not true. The photo was altered or photoshopped after it was taken (ie the FBI tampered with the evidence). There are blank sections all over the image.

It would be suitable for the FBI to take crime scene photos and then add paper to cover up the classified information and then take pictures to cover up all the classified information. However, we do know that these white areas are black spots in the photo.

If you look at the image above, you can see that the white outlines around the black boxes in the first photo above have added some white space to the image. These photos have been manipulated. After all, do the FBI agents who broke into the President’s home has the right credentials to verify classified information?

What about the agents who called to retouch the photo? What about the staff who retouched the photos? Were they properly accredited? This is a crime scene, but it’s the FBI and the Department of Justice who acted as criminals. fake crime scene.


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  1. Due to all the evidence that has been produced, almost daily including irrefutable evidence that has already been submitted to the Supreme Court, plus 2,000 mules, Hunter Biden’s laptop, both FBI and Department of Justice interfering with the 2020 election. President Donald Trump said they need to be held accountable and the 2020 election needs to be overturned. President Trump never did concede the 2020 stolen rigged election. Biden was illegally inserted. He is not the president. I agree with President Trump, 100%.

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