The Most Wicked Tribes in Nigeria: Full List


In Nigeria, no part of Nigeria you won’t see wicked individuals, wickedness is bound to occur in every humans, but in Nigeria, there are some certain group of people classified to be the most wicked once.

We have three major tribe’s in Nigeria, these comprises of the Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa. Among the list of the major tribe’s, the Yorubas are known to be the most educated amongst all, followed by the Igbos who are known for their entrepreneur spirit, they are more of business minded people.

Also, we have over 371 ethnic groups in Nigeria. The sub division of it all are the Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, research has shown that the rate of hatred in the country by these major tribe’s is very high.


It is known that the wickedness in most tribe’s and ethnic groups originate via the religion, culture and traditions, there’s high tendency of people hating themselves when they are not from the same origin, moreover, ethnicity plays a long roll.

List of the most wicked tribe’s in Nigeria

Fulani Tribe

Talking about the wicked tribe in Nigeria, the Fulani are said to be the most wicked amongst them, the Fulani are mixed tribe, we also have the Hausa Fulani among other migrants, those under the attribute of Fulanilism.
They are well known for their religious activities.


The fulani’s are mostly known as cattlemen, they carry their life stock from one place to another for grazing, more so, this group of people are said to be very dangerous, knowing fully well that, they move with machetes and weapon with them, they intrude into people farm land, letting cows feed on crops and farm produce.

Ogoni Tribe

Another wicked tribe here are the Ogoni tribe, they are well known for kidnapping activities and killing, they also engage is other illegal things, such as pipeline vanderlization and more.


The Ogoni tribe are wicked to the point of using #200 in making a fellow go insane (mad) what a world! The level of wickedness in this very land is so high.

Igbo Tribe

Mentioning the Igbos as one of the wicked tribe in Nigeria, an Igbo person can go extra miles just to see that he or she achieves what they want. In Nigeria the Igbos are the richest tribe’s in the country, wherefore, the can cheat, rob, or even kill to get money ”though not all” when going into business with an Igbo person be careful.


They are also classified as one of the wicked tribe’s in the country, due to their past records, both in and outside Nigeria, including other fraudulent activities.

Yoruba Tribe

There’s difference between wickedness and being dangerous, though the both work hand in hand, the Yorubas are known as the most dangerous tribe’s in Nigeria, due to the high level of practicing tradition, they are known for their traditional believes.

A topical Yoruba person we tell you more about the local gods they worship and believe in, most of them are OSUN worshipers while some are SHUNGO worshipers and many more, most still believe in the olden ways on religion. They are classified as among the wicked tribes in Nigeria.

Hausa Tribe

Don’t get it twisted, the Hausa’s are different from the Fulani’s, though they co-exist and leave together, the Fulani’s are more wicked to the Hausas, the Hausa’s have their traits of wickedness in them. The origin of Boko Haram, started in the land of the Hausas .

They mostly have aggressive spirit and can pick up a fight at any slight provocation, the Hausa’s are majorly farmers and have the capacity to work on a very large farm land.


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