Trump's Lawyer Claims FBI Planted Evidence
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Conspiracy: Trump’s Lawyer Claims FBI Planted Evidence, Says He Watched Search On Camera

Donald Trump’s attorney has revealed that he and members of the Trump family saw almost the entire FBI footage at Mar-a-Lago on surveillance cameras, further belying the former president’s claims that agents likely “placed” all the evidence to have. York, President Trump, and his family probably had a better view than I did.


Because they had CCTV, they could watch,” former president’s attorney Christina Bobb said Thursday in an interview with Real America’s Voice. The family “really saw everything,” he said. “You actually have a better idea of ​​what happened inside. Trump was in Manhattan on Monday when FBI agents searched Mar-a-Lago.

Bobb was on site at the Florida resort but said he spent much of his time in a Mar-a-Lago parking lot “collecting paper and answering questions.” by the researchers. Eric Trump told the Daily Mail in an article on Wednesday that he observed the search through surveillance cameras.


Trump's Lawyer Claims FBI Planted Evidence

FBI agents Monday removed 20 boxes of documents, including 11 sets of classified information, from Mar-a-Lago, according to the property warrant and Receipt used by the FBI to search Trump’s Florida residence. Some of the secret information was top secret and should only be kept in a secure government facility.


Sources told the Washington Post in a report Thursday that some of the classified documents are believed to be linked to nuclear weapons, a key reason for the urgency of the search. The order said Trump is under investigation for possible violations of the statute involving espionage, obstruction of justice, and removal and destruction of official records.

Bobb said Mar-a-Lago agents initially asked employees to turn off the security cameras, allegedly citing the agents’ safety. “The cameras were off for a very short time,” Bobb said. Trump has repeatedly claimed on Truth Social that the FBI likely “housed” harmful evidence at Mar-a-Lago.

It’s a claim widely echoed by his supporters, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga. Trump never mentioned on his social media platform that officers were in view of security cameras most of the time of the search and that he and his relatives were watching, according to his own lawyer, who insisted there were “no witnesses” to the search.”Is anyone storing information?”

Trump wrote sarcastically in a recent Truth Social post. Bobb said in an interview earlier this week about the FBI that “there was no security” to prevent the FBI from planting evidence. Bobb also noted, “I don’t necessarily think they’re going to go to extremes and try to plant information.


7 Replies to “Conspiracy: Trump’s Lawyer Claims FBI Planted Evidence, Says He Watched Search On Camera

  1. All America already knows that was the reason for the raid so they could plant evidence on him since they couldn’t find nothing else to get him for now the American people will never have any faith in the FBI OR THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT we have a two tier justice system go investigate the Bidens where you will find mountains of criminal activity smoking crack on the internet and so much more dealings with china why don’t you investigate that Merrick Garland Biden needs to be impeached worst president ever

  2. What about 47 years of briben’s senate records kept at a school in Delaware? I’m sure that there are classified and top secret information hidden by briben. .

  3. This was all a set up so trump couldn’t run for president again but the truth will come out and trump will be our president again in 2024 the democrats will do anything but karma will come back on them

    1. It should be quite obvious this is politically motivated. Both fbi and doj have been actively breaking the laws they are supposed to enforce. For 7 years they have lied and cheated and deceived the American public and the media is complicit in it. The irony is that they already saw all of.this. the president declassified them when he was still president and there are witnesses to that. Nara actually packed the boxes in the white house. Now.nara is being coerced into being part of this. They know it. We know it. There crime to prosecute.

  4. They will try anything and everything to stop I would legitimate President Donald Trump from running on 2024

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