Best Business Ideas For Retired Civil Servants In Nigeria


What happens next after collecting your gratuity? In Nigeria, there are a lot of less stressful lucrative business every retired civil servant can do to source for extra income.

Mostly, Many Civil Servants choose to relax after parting ways with their work. While this seems like a great idea, the reverse is that this line of action will engage you in idleness and boredom.

Rather than taking all the time to relax, transitioning from a more demanding work to a less demanding one is a good idea. This will will keep you productive, engaging and will also expand your financial earnings.


So, here is the list of the best less stressful lucrative business every Civil Servants in Nigeria should consider

Consulting services


Rendering consulting service is an easy option for retirees. Professionally, With your wealth of experience (let’s say 40 years+), you can guide, teach and nurture other investors and businessmen who might want to venture into your area of specialization.

Recruitment/Job Referral Services


As a Retired Civil Servant, you are connected to experts who might still be in service. You can use this channel to help young entrepreneurs to land their dream job.

Event Planning


Events happens every now and then in Nigerian. It might be a birthday party, wedding ceremony, child dedication, convocation and so on. As a retiree, if you can organize events, then venturing into event planning is another sure easy way of earning your extra income.

Day Care

Majority of retirees are grandparents and as such, raising, handling and taking care of little children can be a great option most especially for female retirees. With working mums increasing over the years, the services of professional day care experts is also on the rise.

Poultry Farming

Engaging in poultry Farming as a retiree can source for your extra cash. It is an easy to start, less stressful, lucrative business that requires commitment.

It calls for stragedy and to succeed, you need to do your research and plan well.


Tutoring is a good business proposal for retirees. Depending on the area of specialization, retired civil servants with knowledge and skills on a particular field can earn an extra income through organizing tutorials, lessons and classes for the young people. The rendered services can come in form of teaching Mathematics, English Language, Physics e.t.c. or rendering assistance in skill development.

Crop/Livestock Farming

In Nigeria, Agriculture is a lucrative investment. Retirees who seeks to gain extra income can go into large/small scale crop production. It requires less capital and is easy to start. The type of crop you will cultivate depends on the soil/location of land.

Also, Livestock Farming is equally a good means of livelihood. Crops and Livestock that yield high dividends are Rice, Goat, Bean, Cow, Yam e.t.c


Writing on the internet is an easy way of gaining extra cash. As a retiree, if you are good in organizing content and information, creating blog posts can earn you a fortune.

A blog is an online platform where information are posted for users (researchers) on the internet. This requires you to write relevant information for people on a particular field.

Cake Production

Holiday celebration, Birthday Party, Wedding e.t.c are all events that needs a cake maker. This happens a lot often and as such, getting into cake designing can pay you off. To prosper here, you need to be a professional and master the technique required to produce any variety of cake.

Advertisement is also necessary to expand and reach out your service to more people.


Freelancing is an easy way for retirees to earn extra money. It is a less stressful and easy to start business.

A Freelancer is a person who renders virtual services to a company or an individual. This services include Copywriting, article creation, Virtual assistance, Graphics designing, Programing, Software development, IT jobs e.t.c.

It is very competitive so in order to succeed, you have to be deliver a professional and unique service.

To start, sign up on any freelancing site like Upwork, Fiverr,, and so on, post job proposals, and wait for feedback.

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Princewill Ubaha is an electrical engineer by profession, a content writer by perspiration, and an Akwa Ibomite by birth. He always believed that the habit of persistence is the habit of victory.

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