List Of Major Rice Processing Companies In Nigeria


Rice is among the most consumed foods in Nigeria. It has become a popular choice of carbohydrate for the vast majority of Nigerian households.

Nutrition wise, Rice is gluten-free (No gluten, No inflammation in the gut). It aids nervous system through it’s vitamin B, regulate the digestive system due to it’s high fibre content, helps in reducing excess amount of water in the body, reduce cancer, has vitamin A and B, improve heart health, lower blood pressure and sugar levels, improve skin condition and contains low amount of Sodium, Fat and cholesterol.

Presently, the number of rice mill in Nigeria has skyrocket due to it’s high demand.


The federal government of Nigeria has also make plans to boost Nigeria’s hope of becoming a major rice supplier both in Africa and in the world. This is obvious as Farmers are given loans inorder to boost rice production in massive scale.

Generally, Agriculture is the bedrock of any economy and rice is no exception. With Nigeria growing in numbers of rice mills, wealth and income creation, economy diversification, and employment will improve over time.


Subsequently, this will boost GDP and overall welfare.

Currently, Here are the Major Rice processing mills in Nigeria.


Olam Nigeria

Olam Nigeria is a subsidiary of Olam international which operates in 60 different countries and are reputable for supplying food and industrial material worldwide. They are well renounced for producing high quality premium rice. They operate on a 6,000 hectare of land.

Founded: Nigeria (1989)
Headquarters: Singapore
Location: Nasarawa State
Yearly Production Capacity: 36,000 metric tonnes of rice
Workforce: 8,000


Integrated Grain Processors (Nig) LTD

This is a 100% Nigeria rice producing company. They produce long grains with high quality and durability. They also produce rice bran which are very nutritional. It is under the brand name of Oyo-Oyo rice.

Founded: 2011
Monthly Production Capacity: 2,000 bags of rice
Location: Udi LGA, Enugu State

Quarra Rice Processing Mill

Quarra Rice Mill is the first company of it’s kind with 25,000 tonnes capacity. They are also developing a farm seed on a 1,000 hectare land. They produce both local and paddy rice.

Founded: 2013
Yearly Production Capacity: 30,000 tonnes of Rice
Location: Tsaragi, Kwara State

Onyx Rice Mill

Onyx is one of Nigeria’s Rice company with extensive experience. It has one of the best Milling facilities. They offer rice ranging from Savannah Premium Parboiled, Broken Grain, Husk to Rice brand powder.

Founded: 2009
Daily Production Capacity: 40 metric tonnes of rice
Location: Bida LGA, Minna
Contact: +234(0)9095744995

Igbemo Rice

This is the first licensed Private Rice Mill in Ekiti State, Nigeria. Supplys are gotten from Farmers in Ekiti State for Processing. They are also establishing relationship with both International and domestic Rice firms.

Location: Km4, Onigbemo drive, Igbemo
Contact: 08037295027
Website: www

Those were the list of Major Rice producing company in Nigeria. If you find the article informative, kindly share to create awareness.


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