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List Of Cheapest Universities In Canada (2022)


What are the cheapest Universities in Vancouver, Canada. Which university is the beat in Canada for international students, cheap institutions in Vancouver, Canada. Which university is the cheapest in Canada, Vancouver?. 

Thus, it also witnesses one of the topmost enrollment rates in post-secondary to Masters Degree.

There are a plethora of options for the students seeking for master degree in Canada.


The general requirement involves having a bachelor’s degree from any accredited university, the written application, reference letters and an acclaimed standardized examination like GRE, TOEFL/IELTS/MELAB or GMAT.

Below are reasons Canada is a favourite choice for students to pursue their higher education:

  • Easily available scholarships for all country students
  • Low tuition fee
  • Accommodation facilities
  • Placement assistance

Although each province differs slightly in the way they manage their higher education system, some similarities remain that can help students planning to study in Canada get an idea of what to expect from the country’s education system.

For example, all universities and colleges grant bachelor’s master’s and PhD degrees while vocational or technical colleges provide certificates or diplomas.


Canadian higher education institutions also include community colleges that offer two year associate’s degrees, colleges of Applied Arts and Technology, provincial institutes and private vocational colleges.

If a student is interested in attending a particular college or university, he or she should visit the website of that particular province to learn more about its unique educational system.


In this article, you will get basic information about the cheap universities in Canada, tuition fees, and cost of living in Canada – which can be cheaper and affordable if you choose to live in the minor cities, admission requirements and how to apply.

It is a general fact that in USA, Australia or UK the tuition fees are higher than those in Canada.

You can study on low or cheap tuition in Canada as a better alternative since it is even more affordable there.

Also, there are lots of cheap tuition schools and colleges to Study your dream course in Canada if you do not have enough fund to afford studying in USA, Australia or UK.

Cost of Living in Canada

Cost of living simply means the amount of money a student needs to take care of his/her expenses like feeding, accommodation, transportation etc.

In Canada, it is very affordable due to its low-cost when compared to places like Australia, USA or UK.

That said, it can be estimated as $600 to $800 a month for a student’s living expenses. This amount will take care of his/her feeding, buying of books, stationery, transportation etc.

Cheapest universities in Vancouver Canada 2021
Cheapest Universities In Vancouver, Canada.                                        

Breakdown of the cost of living in Canada for students:

  • Accommodation (bedroom apartment) – $400 approximately per month.
  • Books and supplies – $1000 per year
  • Movies – $8.50 – $13
  • Average restaurant meal – $10 – $25 per person
  • Groceries – $150 – $200 per month

A student can spend more or less. This list is just an estimate.

Admission Requirements and How to Apply to the Universities in Canada

Applying to any Canadian university as an international student takes different methods. This is because different universities in Canada have their own policy regarding admission requirements.

You need to visit the webpage of any institution you may wish to apply for specific guidelines on that. Better still, if you want to apply for graduate studies in Canada, you will have to pass through these steps below:

  • Fill in an application form online
  • Submit your qualifications and transcripts
  • Show proof in proficiency in English or French( language of instruction is based on the program you want to study)
  • Submit letters of recommendation
  • You will need to write letter of motivation – an essay explaining why you chose to study in Canada
  • For international students that finished their undergraduate program outside Canada, you may be required to pay an International Credential Evaluation fee to have your qualifications valid
  • Finally, after your admission is guaranteed, you have to apply for a visa or study permit, and can also apply for scholarships or grants.

Tuition Fees

Average tuition for Canadian citizens or permanent residents seeking to earn an undergraduate degree in their country is about $5000 CAD per year.

The same students choosing to earn a graduate degree in Canada should expect to pay about $1000 CAD more annually than undergraduate tuition fees.

Foreign students are required to pay higher fees than Canadian residents–nearly three times the amount, in fact.

If you are an international student, expect to pay $14,000 per year for undergraduate programs and an even higher amount for graduate degrees.

Even so, some agreements between certain countries and provinces can lower the tuition fees (France and Quebec for instance).

It has been observed that non-resident students attending Saskatchewan and Quebec universities pay the highest in tuition fees, while international students attending Newfoundland and Manitoba universities will pay the lowest tuition fees.

It is highly recommended for students to confirm these tuition fees from their desired institution before concluding their plans.

As we have come to know, some courses are much more expensive than other even at the same level of study.

Basic Facts about Canada

Capital: Ottawa
Official Languages: English and French
Government: Federal parliamentary democracy under constitutional monarchy
Population: 33,476,688
Gross Domestic Product: $1.535 Trillion
Currency: Canadian dollar ($) (CAD)
Time zone: (UTC-3.5 to -8)

Eligibility for Study Visas

To be eligible to obtain a Canadian study visa, students must prove they have been admitted by a college or university in Canada, prove they can financially support themselves and pay tuition fees and present a clean record in regards to criminal history. Students may be asked to undergo a medical examination in some cases before a student visa is issued.

Canada has been described as one of the best places to live, work, and reside in. The city of Vancouver in British Columbia, has become a popular place for tourist attraction. Vancouver, also termed the “Hollywood North” has plush, preserved forests and crystal blue rivers has made the city a stunning film location. Vancouver may be a costly city to live in, but there are cheap universities with affordable tuition to help cut down the financial weight of studying abroad in Vancouver.

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Now let’s look at six cheapest universities in Vancouver

Cheapest Universities in Vancouver : Canada

Below are the cheapest universities in Vancouver, Canada; These are the updated list, so if you really want to know the cheapest universities in Vancouver Canada, I enjoin you to continue reading as you’ll get to know all soon!

1. Capilano University

Capilano University is another cheap university in Vancouver, with tuition for international students being $5,000. The university which is situated in Northern Vancouver encourages fitness and athletics at all levels. The campus has a Centre for Sport $ Wellness, Fitness Room, and “Drop-In” fitness activities that ranges from basketball to ping pong to also badminton. These activities are available to students all through the week with their student CapCard.

Capilano University has also created several initiatives to reinforce a positive and inclusive environment on campus. International students are to make a one time, $5,000 deposit which then applies to international tuition fees, which usually differ by course. Some courses are offered for free to international students.

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2. Simon Fraser University

The tuition at Simon Fraser University is $5,300, making it another cheap university in Vancouver. One unique aspect of SFU is that both national and international students pay same amount of tuition. This is what makes SFU different from other institutions. The university has campuses situated in the greater Vancouver area, meaning students are not too far from a number of fun activities including SFU’s Museum of Archeology & Ethnology or Burnaby Mountain Park.

Simon Fraser University boast large libraries, with the biggest being W.A.C. Bennett, with over 2 million books and wide collection of journals and e-books.

As one of Canada’s first urban campuses, many of the buildings Simon Fraser University have unique histories and are remarkable destinations.

3. Vancouver Community College

Vancouver Community College (VCC), established in 1965, is another cheap university in Vancouver where international students pay a tuition of $7,500, plus course fees. Vancouver Community College is the largest and oldest community college in British Columbia and has maintained an outstanding repute since its creation.

According to international students, VCC is a gratifying university to study at and is in contiguity to beautiful mountains and water that make outdoor recreation accessible. VCC takes a hands-on learning method in many of their programs. This learning approach may suit students who do not want office work. Students also highlight that the college has an exclusively pleasant atmosphere for learning.

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4. Langara College

The tuition for international student at Langara College is $7,500. This cheap university also in Vancouver has international students from over 90 different countries of the world. Students have access to a Co-op and Career Development Center that aids students engage in future preparation and offers to counsel on career decisions. The intercultural initiatives of the university nurture awareness and understanding of difference.

Langara campus abides by an Environmental Responsibility Policy and a second Sustainability Policy. Students interested in the different sustainable initiatives on campus can download a map and take a self-guided tour around campus to checkpoints to learn more about the school.

Majority of students who attend Langara are part of the University Transfer Program while a good number of students are part of Continuing Studies, meaning that most students who attend Langara do so with the aim of ultimately transferring to another school and applying their credits to a more definite program.

5. Vancouver Island University

The tuition for international students at Vancouver Island University (VIU) is $8,340. This cheap university in Vancouver is actually located on an island. How cool is that? Vancouver Island is large and is situated off of Canada’s Pacific coast. Vancouver Island University is perfect for students who are interested in a college experience among evergreen forests, turquoise waters and towering mountains.

The location of the university greatly influences the institution’s emphasis on outdoor recreation and students can enjoy various outdoor activities like snow-shoeing, caving, rock climbing, kayaking, canoeing, and even surfing. VIU is also particularly receptive and welcoming to international students, making them immediately feel welcome. The school ensures there are resources made available for the international students to succeed.

The university even provides a campus “grocery shuttle” that often runs twice a week to help conveniently transport students to a superstore. The university also emphasizes volunteering and community engagement. So potential students should expect to give back to a cause they are ardent about and believe in.

6. Columbia College

The tuition for international students is $12,900, a tuition that covers 24 credits over 2 semesters.

Columbia College is essentially a two-year university in Vancouver and also is extremely proud of its international students. The student body comprises of over 60 different countries globally. Prospective students interested in a closer view at the campus can take advantage of exceptional resources without even setting foot on the campus.

Students can click a route around campus by visiting the website of Columbia College website. The students will be exposed to a 3D virtual tour of the different buildings, chapels, quads, study areas, and lots of other facilities. Students can get involved with any of the clubs, recreational activities, sports, and other extra-curricular activities on campus.

Best Universities In Canada

You may want to know the best universities in Canada as well, as it is wise to attend the best universities because they’ve been recognized to render the best in terms of building it’s candidates, However, below are also the some of best universities in Canada with considerably low fees as well even being part of the top universities in the world at large.

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is one of the best universities in Canada that follows dynamic teaching methods combined with modern facilities to educate students. The university is placed at 37th spot globally by the Times Higher Education (UK) 2020 ranking. The university boasts of an excellent student-faculty ratio of 11:1. Students from more than 162 countries are studying at the university, which also provides students with a diverse environment.

Popular subjects offered by the University of British Columbia:

  • Mineral and mining engineering
  • Sports-related subjects
  • Geography

University Canada West

Founded in 2004, the University Canada West (UCW) is known for offering excellent learning environment to students at affordable rates. UCW is a member of the prestigious Global University Systems, an international education group including some of the world’s best institutions. Apart from this, it allows students to transfer academic credit from other recognized educational institutions to pursue UCW courses and program. UCW is a business-oriented university that provides vital industry experience to students by giving them the opportunity to understand the nuances of business by offering practical skills.

Okay, This is the little we can say for now on the cheapest universities in Vancouver, Canada and we have been able to analyse few best universities in Canada as well.

In case you may need to clarification or you’re confused, do not hesitate to share your challenges using the comment section below.


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