China Visa Requirements for Nigerian Citizens


Going to China might be the best experience of a life time.

It is no longer news that China is home to a host of technology, Innovations and products which is widely used throughout the globe.

Also, China is rich with enough business opportunities for you to avail yourself in order to boost your financial strength.


It is a beautiful but ancient city, crowded but lively and is very welcoming to visitors.

If you are into technology and ICT, then then travelling there can turn out to be the best decision you made.


But if you are traveling to China, surely you will be needing a visa.

In this article, we will expose the China visa requirements for Nigerians.


Let’s go!

The first thing you should know is that a Nigerian passport holder is required to posses a China Tourist Visa to travel to China.


How To Get A China Tourist Visa

To get a Chinese tourist visa, you will need to file in an application through the China Visa Application Centre (CVAC).

This application should be duely filled and submitted 30 days before your travelling/departure date.

This is necessary because time is needed to process the Visa application.

Location Of China Visa Application Centre (CVAC) In Nigeria

You can locate the China Visa Application Centre in these cities

City: Abuja
Address Name: China Visa Application Centre
Area: Plot 472, AO Cadastral Zone, Constitution Ave, Central Business District
Contact:+234 99047700
Company working Days & hours: Monday-Friday & 09:00-16:00
City: Lagos
Address Name: China Visa Application Centre
Area: Church Gate Towers, PC 30, Churchgate Street, Victoria Island
Contact:+234 990047700
Company working Days & Hours: Monday-Friday & 09:00 – 16:00

Before applying for a China visa, ensure that you know your eligiblity status.

China Visa Processing Period

The whole processing period takes 4 working days to actualize however, you are adviced to apply within 30 days before departing.

It is also worthy to note that applying for the Visa 3-months early is not recommended.

Types Of China Visa

Single-Entry Tourist Visa: This visa type allows you to travel to China once and it is valid for a period of 3-6 months depending on the China embassy’s discretion.

On the average, the duration of a China single-entry visa is 30 days.

Double-Entry Tourist Visa: This is a double visa variant of the former.

The double-entry tourist visa allows you to travel to China twice.

It is valid for a period of 6 months and just as the single entry tourist visa, it is on an average, valid for a period of 30 days per entry.

Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa: This visa type is valid for up to a year. It gives you the freedom to travel to China in multiple periods of time.

The Multiple-entry tourist visa is each valid for a period of 60 days per entry.

Tourist Visa: The tourist visa is also known as the “L-Visa”. It is applicable to travellers that intends on going for a shopping spree, holidays, visits, site-seeing and touring.

Cost of China Visa

Single-Entry Visa: ₦14,000

Double-Entry Visa: ₦21,000

Multiple-Entry Visa For 6 Months & 1 year: ₦28,000 & ₦42,000

Urgent Visa: For an urgent Visa, you need to pay for the visa type fee plus an additional expedited Service fee of ₦9,500 which is to be picked up on periods between 3-4 days or ₦14,000 which is to be picked up between a day or two.

Note: The prices listed above are subject to change with time.

China Visa Requirements

1. China visa application form: a manually, completely filled Visa application form is needed and is to be submitted at the visa center.
2. Passport: an original, neat, plain passport of at least 6-months old is needed. This is to be attached with two blank visa pages, a passport data and photo page still to be submitted at the visa center.

Passport specifications

• full face,

• bare-head

• size: 48mm x 33mm

• front view

• light background

3. Proof of legal status: This is only applicable for Nigerians in diaspora.
4. Travelling information and details: verification of return ticket, proof of accommodation arrangement, invitation letter and so on.

Note: Your invitation letter is expected to include your:

• date of birth

• Name

• Gender

5. Proof of invitation: This requires your inviter’s contact, relationship, and address.
Additional information

If required, this will be made known to you by the consular officer.

China Visa Application Steps

• Book an appointment to submit your application.

• Go to any of the two China Visa Application Centre in Lagos or Abuja

• Scan your passport

• Get a queue number for your application submission

• Wait for your Turn

• When called, submit and pay the necessary fees required

• You will be given a pick up form. It contains the estimated date of your visa collection and application information.

• Track your visa status through their site.

Payment Methods

• Debit card

• Credit card

• Cash


Getting a China Visa is not that difficult. It needs your compliance to their embassy’s rules and regulations concerning visa issuance.

The above given steps and procedures will help you to get a China Visa without much stress.

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