Current Prices of Roofing Sheets in Nigeria 2022


See the estimated cost of roofing sheets in Nigeria currently.

We have listed the Prices of zinc, fiber, stone-coated, aluminum in Nigeria in 2022 for all types of zincs marketed in Nigeria on this page.

Do you want to know the current Prices of Roofing Sheets in Nigeria?


If you want to know the pricing of all roofing sheets in Nigeria, this page will provide you with such information.

Current Price of Roofing Sheets In Nigeria

Roofing sheet designs have evolved dramatically over time, from the simple zinc roofing sheets that most people are familiar with to intricate, colorful roofing sheets. Buildings nowadays are more likely to have colorful, decorative roofing sheets than zinc ones.


The variety of roofing sheets available in the Nigerian market is infinite, and one may find themselves perplexed and unclear of which to purchase or use for their new project.

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How much is Aluminium roofing sheet in Nigeria?

Depending on the style, size, and location, the current price of aluminum zinc sheets in Nigeria in 2022 ranges from N2,100 to N2,900 per sheet. Check out the links below for further information.

In the table below, you can see the prices of several varieties of aluminum roofing sheets in Nigeria.

These are the Types and Prices of Aluminum Roofing Sheets in Nigeria;

TypeSize/thicknessPrice per meter
Step-tile Aluminium price0.55 mm thicknessTwo Thousand Eight Hundred Naira (₦2,800)
0.45mm price0.45 mm thicknessTwo Thousand Four Hundred Naira  (₦2,400)
Metcoppo Aluminium sheet price0.55 mm thicknessTwo Thousand Nine Hundred Naira (₦2,900)
0.45mm price0.45 mm thicknessTwo Thousand Five Hundred Naira (₦2,500)
Long span aluminum sheet price0.55 mm thicknessTwo Thousand Seven Hundred Naira (₦2,700)
0.45mm price0.45 mm thicknessTwo Thousand One Hundred Naira (₦2,100)

How Much is Cameroon Zinc in Nigeria

As per market value currently, The price of a bundle of Cameroon Zinc is from Thirty-Seven Thousand Naira (N37,000) to Forty Thousand Naira (N40,000) depending on the type and size of the Cameroon Zinc.

Prices of Stone-coated Roofing Sheets In Nigeria

Stone-coated roofing sheets are roofing sheets that are made from steel and coated in fine stones. They are of different types owing on where they are made or manufactured.

TypeThickness (in mm)Price (psm)
Milano Design0.55 mmN2,600
Bond Design0.55 mmN2,400
Classic Design0.55 mmN2,400
Shingles Design0.55 mmN2,600
Wooden Shake Design0.55 mmN2,600
Roman Design0.55 mmN2,600

Prices of Aluminium Roofing Sheets In Nigeria

Below are the types and prices of aluminum roofing sheets in Nigeria:

Sheet TypePrice (0.45mm)Price (0.55mm)
Long span aluminumN2,100 psmN2,700 psm
Metcoppo aluminumN2,400 psmN2,800 psm
Step-tile aluminumN2,600 psmN2,900 psm

Prices of Fibre Britment Roofing Sheets In Nigeria

Below are the types and prices of fibre britment roofing sheets in Nigeria:

Fibre Britment Roofing SheetspsmN3,400
Fibre Britment Step-Tiled Roofing SheetspsmN4,900

Prices of Swiss Roofing Sheets In Nigeria

A Swiss roofing sheet costs between N4,000 and N5,000 per square meter in Nigeria. The fact that this roofing sheet is known for its elegance, visual attractiveness, and durability is a contributing element to its high price. It is not as well-known as the others on this list and stands apart in several ways.

Prices of Zinc Roofing Sheets in Nigeria

Zinc roofing sheets are currently priced between N16,000 and N19,000 each bundle in Nigeria. The thicknesses are 0.45mm and 0.55mm, respectively, and the length is 82.5 feet.

I am confident that you are aware of the cost and pricing of Cameroon Zinc, Aluminum Roofing Sheets, Stone-coated Roofing Sheets, Fibre Britment Roofing Sheets, Swiss Roofing Sheets, and long span in Nigeria in 2021.

You can also compare the best rates for any sort of Roofing Sheets in Nigeria from stores and building materials suppliers all throughout the country.


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