Mikano Generator Prices in Nigeria [Latest & Discounts]

Mikano Generator prices in Nigeria 2022 /Brand new prices and second hand prices If you reside in Nigeria you will agree with me that availability of constant power is the major problem not only to homes but business either privately owned or owned by the state. Power failure or shortage of electricity supply has led […]


Domino’s Pizza Menu & Price List in Nigeria (2022)

Domino’s Pizza Menu & Price List in Nigeria this 2022. Just incase you’re searching to know the update menu and price lists for Domino’s Pizza products, then I have made this easy for you by providing all in this single article and how to get domino’s pizza product without even leaving your home. There are […]


Price of Poultry/Chicken Feeds Per Bag in Nigeria (Layers & Broilers)

In Nigeria, there are well-known poultry feeds with high pricing for Broiler Starter Mash, Layer Mash, and other products. chicken feed price per bag for layers and broilers A 25kg bag of broiler starting mash would set you back 4,500 Naira. Meanwhile, depending on your region and the current price of the feeds in Nigeria, […]


Price of Day Old Layers in Nigeria 2022 | Old Layers prices

Poultry farming is one of the most lucrative business to start in Nigeria today. Reasons being that on average humans cant stay without consuming at least fresh poultry products once daily. Now diving to the main body of the content, The price of day-old layers in Nigeria in 2022 is shown below. How Much is […]


Current Prices of Roofing Sheets in Nigeria 2022

See the estimated cost of roofing sheets in Nigeria currently. We have listed the Prices of zinc, fiber, stone-coated, aluminum in Nigeria in 2022 for all types of zincs marketed in Nigeria on this page. Do you want to know the current Prices of Roofing Sheets in Nigeria? If you want to know the pricing […]


Samsung Phones & Prices in Nigeria (2022 Latest)

Samsung is one of the leading gadget brands in the world today. No doubt their smartphones are largely requested by users because of the quality and class this brand placed on their products. It should be noted that Samsung phones are one of the most expensive smartphones in the market and ever since it was […]


Price of Egg in Nigeria 2022 |Cost of Fresh Eggs Per Crate

Buy Eggs In Lagos | Affordable Crate Of Eggs In Nigeria. Landing on this page, It’s obvious you want to know the current egg price in Nigeria, as well as the cost per crate. The purpose of this information is to provide interested buyers with the most up-to-date egg prices in Nigeria for the year […]


Prices of wallpapers in Nigeria: (2022)

When you talk about decorations and the magnificent beauty of a room, seat out workplace, and any luxury environment wallpapers are very essential for all kinds of beautification. In place of wall paint, wallpapers are alternative means of decorations in homes and buildings. It is very helpful to know the current price to be properly […]


Latest Prices of Mouka Foam Mattress in Nigeria (2022)

There are many brands and types of foam in Nigeria, for durability, long lasting foam, mouaka foam will offer the best of comfortability you need. It is a product that would meet your desire needs. Mouka nig.lid, the company has been in existence for years now, the mattress gives you the comfort you could ever […]

Nursing is a lucrative course in Nigeria

Salaries of Nurses in Nigeria 2022 (CONHESS Salary Structure)

The Consolidated Health Salary Structure (CONHESS) is the salary structure used by the federal government of Nigeria to pay health workers with the exception of doctors. The federal government introduced this structure in 2009. It came to full effect in 2010 and managed by the National salaries and wages commission. CONHESS salary scale applies to […]