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Landing on this page, It’s obvious you want to know the current egg price in Nigeria, as well as the cost per crate.

The purpose of this information is to provide interested buyers with the most up-to-date egg prices in Nigeria for the year 2022. Get your fresh eggs laid from well-fed chickens. Eggs provide essential nutrients to the body which can form part of a balanced diet for kids and adults. Whether it’s white eggs or brown eggs.


This price is for the price of a fresh egg, a boiled egg, eggs per crate, and any other queries about the egg industry in Nigeria in 2022.

Cost of Eggs in Nigeria?

According to the market value, The wholesales price of egg per piece (one) in Nigeria is Thirty Naira only (N30) excluding VAT. While the retail price of egg per one in Nigeria is Forty Naira only (N40).


Furthermore, the wholesale price of a crate of eggs is Nine Hundred Naira (N900) in Nigeria excluding VAT. While the retail price of egg per crate is One Thousand, Two Hundred Naira (N1,200) only.

Egg Price by Size

The wholesale price of a crate of the small size of eggs is N900. The wholesale price of the medium size of the egg is N1,200 and the wholesale price of the big size egg is N1,300).


Apparently, the retail price of the small size of eggs is N1,000 per crate. The retail price of the medium size of the egg is N1,300 and the wholesale price of the big size egg is N1,400).

Note: the above prices are per crate and each egg crate contains 30 pieces of eggs arrange in the order of 6 by 5 (6×5) =30.


The Table for Egg Prices

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A crateTable Eggs₦1,300Oyo (Ibadan)
A crateQuail Eggs₦2,000Lagos
A crateJumbo Eggs₦ 800Oyo
A crateLayer Eggs₦900Ibadan
A crateEggs Deport/ wholesale supply₦1,250Ikeja
A crateOrganic Eggs wholesale₦1,200Oshodi
A crateFresh Eggs Wholesale₦1,200Ogun State
A crateFresh Eggs Wholesale₦1,200Lagos

Egg Price in States

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LocationQuantitySizeWholesale/Retail PricePrice per Egg
Abia (Umuahia/Aba)A cratemedium₦1200₦40
Adamawa (Yola)A cratemedium₦1200₦40
Akwa Ibom (Uyo)A crateMedium/small₦1200₦40
Anambra (Awka/Onitsha)A cratemedium₦1200₦40
BauchiA cratemedium₦1200₦40
Bayelsa (Yenagoa)               A cratemedium₦1200₦40
Benue (Makurdi)A cratemedium₦1200₦40
Borno (Maiduguri)A cratemedium₦1200₦40
Cross River (Calabar)A crateSmall/medium₦1200₦40
Delta (Asaba)A cratemedium₦1200₦40
Ebonyi (Abakaliki)A cratemedium₦1200₦40
Edo (Benin City)A cratemedium₦1200₦40
Ekiti (Ado-Ekiti)A cratemedium₦1200₦40
EnuguA crateSmall/medium₦1200₦40
GombeA cratemedium₦1200₦40
Imo (Owerri)A crateSmall/medium₦1200₦40
Jigawa (Dutse)A cratemedium₦1200₦40
KadunaA cratemedium₦1200₦40
KanoA cratemedium₦1200₦40
KatsinaA cratemedium₦1200₦40
Kebbi (Birnin Kebbi)A cratemedium₦1200₦40
Kogi (Lokoja)A cratemedium₦1200₦40
Kwara (Ilorin)A cratemedium₦1200₦40
Lagos (Ikeja)A crateSmall/medium₦1200₦40
Nasarawa (Lafia)A cratemedium₦1200₦40
Niger (Minna)A cratemedium₦1200₦40
Ogun (Abeokuta)A cratemedium₦1200₦40
Ondo (Akure)A crateSmall/medium₦1200₦40
Osun (Oshogbo)A cratemedium₦1200₦40
Oyo (     Ibadan)A cratemedium₦1200₦40
Plateau (Jos)A cratemedium₦1200₦40
Rivers (Port Harcourt)A crateSmall/medium₦1200₦40
SokotoA crateMedium/big₦1200₦40
Taraba (Jalingo)A crateMedium/big₦1200₦40
Yobe (Damaturu)A cratemedium₦1200₦40
Zamfara (Gusau)A crateSmall/medium/big₦1200₦40
AbujaA cratemedium₦1200₦40

From the above, we can easily see that the price of eggs is the same for all the states in Nigeria.


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