Mikano Generator Prices in Nigeria [Latest & Discounts]


Mikano Generator prices in Nigeria 2022 /Brand new prices and second hand prices

If you reside in Nigeria you will agree with me that availability of constant power is the major problem not only to homes but business either privately owned or owned by the state.

Power failure or shortage of electricity supply has led to the downfall to so many businesses in Nigeria. As at today the electricity generation and distribution in Nigeria hovers around 2000 to 7000 megawatts which left the electricity distributing company to ration it supply to consumer.


Each successive government that wants the support of the electorate has continue to make promises of ending this crises , you hardly see a presidential aspirant who won’t add this same issue of increasing of power to it manifesto ; in fact they have used it to gain support, votes and also increase their support based in each election.

As a business minded person who yearn for the success of his or her business its important to have an alternative sources of energy that is not only reliable but efficient.


Mikano Generator Prices in Nigeria

Mikano 9KVA soundproof power generator [403-11G]N2,500,000 – N3,000,000
Mikano 13KVA soundproof power generator [403-15G]N2,800,000 – N3,200,000
Mikano 15KVA soundproof power generator [403-15G2]N2,900,000 – N3,400,000
Mikano 20KVA soundproof power generator [404-22G]N3,100,000 – N3,550,000
Mikano 30KVA soundproof power generator [1103-33G]N3,800,000 – N4,000,000
Mikano 40KVA soundproof power generator [1103-33TG1]N4,300,000 – N4,500,000
Mikano 50KVA soundproof power generator [1103-33TG1]N4,400,000 – N4,600,000
Mikano 60KVA soundproof power generator [1103-33TG2]N4,900,000 – N5,200,000
Mikano 65KVA soundproof power generator [1104-44TG1]N5,100,000 – N5,300,000
Mikano 80KVA soundproof power generator [1104-44TG2]N5,450,000 – N5,700,000
Mikano 100KVA soundproof power generator [1104-TAG2]N6,350,000 – N6,700,000
Mikano 135KVA soundproof power generator [1106-TG1]N8,200,000 – N8,400,000
Mikano 150KVA soundproof power generator [1106-TAG2]N9,300,000 – N9,500,000
Mikano 180KVA soundproof power generator [1106C-E66TAG4]N10,700,000 – N11,000,000
Mikano 200KVA soundproof power generator [1106-TAG4]N12,000,000 – N12,200,000
Mikano 250KVA soundproof power generator [1306-E87TAG6]N14,800,000 – N15,000,000
Mikano 300KVA soundproof power generator [1606A-E93TAG5]N19,100,000 – N19,400,000
Mikano 350KVA soundproof power generator [2206A-E13TAG2]N20,000,000 – N20,100,000
Mikano 400KVA soundproof power generator [2206A-E13TAG3]N23,000,000 – N23,500,000
Mikano 500KVA soundproof power generator [2506A-E15TAG2]N26,000,000 – N27,000,000
Mikano 650KVA soundproof power generator [2806A-E18TAG2]N35,500,000 – N36,200,000
Mikano 800KVA soundproof power generator [4006-23TAG3A]N52,000,000 – N53,500,000

Please note that you can order for any of this product online and get them delivered to your door step but we still understand that the level of trust when it comes to transactions that are done online is very low in Nigeria.

It will be difficult for an average Nigerian to carry out a transaction that involves huge amount of money online. If you belong to this category then you should consider buying it offline like visiting the distributor where it is sold close to you.


See prices of used Mikano Generator in Nigeria

  • 20KVA – 40KVA: from 900,000
  • 50KVA – 80KVA: from 1,500,000
  • 100KVA – 400KVA: from 2,500,000
  • 500KVA – 800KVA from 4,000,000

Have it in mind that the prices of used generator is determined greatly by the total number of hours they have been used. The longer the period the more cheaper it will become

What benefits do I enjoy when I buy Mikano Generator?

  1. Mikano Generator comes with warranty, if eventually anything spoils or there is a breakdown during this period the company will come to your rescue to put things in order
  2. Another benefit is that you won’t have to worry about transporting Mikano Generator to your home as the company will do that for you.

People also ask

How many KVA is a mikano Generator?

Mikano Generator is available with capacity ranging from 9KVA to 3,500KVA.


How much is 9KVA mikano Generator?

Mikano 9KVA Soundproof power generator [403-11G] = ₦3,500,000 – ₦4,400,000.

Where is mikano Generator manufactured?

Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, Mikano assembles power generating sets from manufacturers; MTU Onsite Energy (Germany), Perkins and Stamford alternator (United Kingdom), providing diesel and gas generating sets ranging from 9kva to 20,000kva for homes and industries.

Is mikano a Nigerian company?

With over 27 years of operation in Nigeria, Mikano International Limited is recognized as a distinguished solution provider with an extensive portfolio of five divisions; Power Generation, Steel Fabrication, Electrical Products and Solutions, Heavy Construction Equipment and Forklifts and Mikano Motors.

Who is the owner of maikano?

Nidal Karameh.

Who is Nidal Karameh?

He is the founder of Mikano International. He was born on June 20, 1965.


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