Full List of Oil Producing States in Nigeria (2022)


The highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Nigeria is the oil sector, the oil sector is the most important means of economical development in the country, Nigeria is blessed with oil in large quantities.

In crude oil production, Nigeria ranks as the highest oil-producing country within the African region, Nigeria produces about 2.5 million barrels of oil daily. We rank the sixth oil-producing country in the world, with a very high production rate.

Oil Producing State in Nigeria is located in the South-South region known as the ”Niger Delta” the state in the Niger Delta comprises, Akwa Ibom State, Rivers State, Delta State, Bayelsa State, Ondo State, Edo State, Lagos State, Imo State, and Abia State, they are nine in number, though an additional state is added to make up ten. Anambra State.


Akwa Ibom State

In Nigeria, Oil producing states are ranked based on the level of production capacity, Akwa Ibom State ranks the highest oil-producing state in the country having a production rate of 31.4% daily. Making a daily production of 504,000 barrels.

Akwa Ibom State has the best quality of crude oil, also known as ”Sweet Hydrocarbon” though the total crude oil-producing state in the country has the ”sweet hydrocarbon”. The state has  31 local government areas, which comprises more than 8 million people. The oil-producing local government in the state are Eket LGA, Onna LGA, Oron LGA & Ikot Abasi LGA.


Delta State

Delta State is the second oil-producing state, having 21.56% daily, the state has a Nigerian-made refinery based in Warri. Crude oil is produced in large quantities, which contributes to the high (GDP) of the country.

The state has 25 local government areas, having more than 5 million people, the state is rated the richest state in Nigeria due to the natural resources in it, aside from crude oil they have, Timber, Rubber, Fine Sand, and Clay soil.


Rivers State

This state was once the first oil-producing state in Nigeria, now Akwa Ibom has taken the lead due to more discoveries of oil wells, crude oil is also deposited here in very large quantities.

Research has shown Rivers refine oil more than other states, more companies are seen in Rivers compared to Akwa Ibom State or other oil-producing states. The state make-up 21.43% of crude oil.


Bayelsa State

Still, in the southern region of the country, Bayelsa state has high oil production, which is estimated at 18.07% unlike other states with higher production rates. The state has 8 local governments, it is also the 1st state in Nigeria in which researchers found crude oil in large quantities.

The state capital is Yenagoa, with the little amount of LGA therein, the state is rated amongst the list populated states, more so, it is a blessed state with a more aquatic resource.

Ondo State

Down the line Ondo has an estimated 3.74% rate, the state is one of the Yoruba-speaking states, aside from crude oil, they are blessed with natural resources, Akure is the state capital city.

The state is populated with about 3 million people, having 19 LGA therein, most of it natural resource include, tah sand, Bitumen

Edo State

This state is considered a lucky state to produce oil, having up to 2.06% of the state is blessed with other natural resources.

Imo State

This state has a total of 1.06% of its oil production, more so, it’s seen as the richest state in Nigeria, the total population is estimated at 5 million people with 27 LGA.

Abia State

These states share a close boundary with Akwa Ibom State, it’s an Igbo-speaking state, the state has a very low contribution of its oil production, though still on the list of the oil-producing state.

It has about 17 LGA, with a population of 4 million people, Abia State is well known for business, the most lucrative activity is buying and selling ”trade” that is what the Igbos are most known for.

Lagos State Nigeria

These is a well developed city in Nigeria, a place known for international trade, many top companies are located therein, Lagos also has a deep sea port with takes care of import and export of foreign a local products.

The state is mostly a Yoruba-speaking state, well developed, the state has more than 22 million people leaving. Lagos is also an oil-producing state with a very low percent of production.

Anambra State

Finally, we have on the list Anambra State, this state is the list due to the recent discovery, oil is deposited in Anambra State though not in large quantity, therefore, it is also an oil-producing state.


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