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Democrats were given a reality check by former president Donald Trump that they did not want to hear.

In Youngstown, Ohio, on Saturday, he spoke at a Save America rally and issued a grim warning to the Democrats.

The president declared, “They have no clue of the sleeping giant they have awakened. The corrupting and destroying of our cherished nation is something that the American people can never allow, yet that is what they seek to accomplish.

We are going to vote in record numbers on November 8 and we are going to give these left-wing lunatics a message: They cannot cancel, silence, or ignore,” he declared. All of the criticism, slander, and insults won’t deter us. We shall become more stronger as a result, not weaker. significantly stronger.

He vowed to keep fighting the Democrats and said he is unconcerned about what they are trying to try to stop him.

“I will put up with their torture and oppression, and I will do it quite cheerfully, no matter what our sick and crazy political elite throws at me or does to me.

“They will never get me to stop fighting for you, the American people. And I will never quit because the fate of our country is at stake,” he said.
He even talked about President Joe Biden’s speech when he had the red backdrop and declared “MAGA Republicans” a threat to democracy.
“That was terrible,” said Trump, “but that’s where they’re coming from. But you know what? We’re strong and we’re smart. We’re smarter than them. We’re stronger than them.”
Democrats “view 75 million Americans as enemies to be canceled and suppressed,” he said. “They want to censor you from the internet, banish you from the public square, get you fired from your jobs, target you for destruction with 87,000 new IRS agents.”
“There’s more enthusiasm right now than there has ever been for the rallies and for everything, because you’ve seen what a horrible job they’ve done,” he said.
The process of reviewing documents seized by the FBI during a search on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home last month has officially started under the supervision of the special master who was appointed by a federal judge.

Former Chief Federal Judge Raymond Dearie has been ordered to travel to New York City for a “preliminary conference,” according to Fox News on Friday. Raymond Dearie was appointed earlier this month by U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon.

By September 19, attorneys for the two sides are requested to submit “proposed agenda topics” for discussion.

FBI officials say agents recovered around 100 items marked as ‘classified’ during the raid, though Trump has said he previously declassified everything in his possession before leaving office per his authority as president.
Fox News notes further:
Dearie was appointed by Cannon, a Trump appointee, who turned down the Department of Justice’s request to lift the temporary ban on the department’s use of the about 100 secret documents that were retrieved from Mar-a-Lago on August 8 during the FBI search.

Documents that are subject to claims of privilege will be examined and separated by the former senior federal judge.

Reviewing the records found by the FBI during its search of Trump’s Florida property is part of the Justice Department’s probe, which is being held up by the special master procedure.

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