How to Enable Facebook Dark Mode on Desktop or Mobile


What Is Facebook Dark Mode

Facebook dark mode is a customized platform provided for users in a bid to facilitate it’s interface efficiency.

This mode is fast becoming a major pick by Facebook users and seeing it’s level of preference, it will make sense for facebook to expand it’s exposure.

As it stands, the mode is available across major device with the facebook app.


However, in this post, we will be dealing on how to enable this feature on desktop or mobile smartphone.

How To Enable Facebook Dark Mode On Desktop

If you are a user of personal computer (Laptop or desktop), this is how to turn the mode on in your device:

Step 1

Head over to your web navigator (Browser) and login your facebook account

Step 2

Check the upper-right section of facebook and you will see a downward-facing arrow; click on this arrow.

Step 3

A page will open and under it, you will find the “settings” label. Locate the dark mode under this setting and turn it on.

This will automatically transform your entire facebook set-up and background to black UI (dark mode).


How To Enable Facebook Dark Mode On Mobile

To enable facebook dark mode on your Smartphone, follow these simple steps

1. Launch/open your Android facebook messenger app

2. Navigate to your profile pic. This is usually located at the top-left corner. Then, switch your slider to your right to enable (and to your left for vice versa).


For quite a while now, facebook messenger app in iOS had the dark UI.

But in the case of facebook app, work is still in progress and a launch is expected in the nearest future.

Disappointedly, this has limit users who had intended to transform from using the normal plain app which has a great deal of effects on the eye to the more efficient customized dark mode.

However, the hope still lies in it’s deployment on the facebook messenger – which had in the past, came through “moon emoji” button which needed just a tap to activate.


The world is aligning to the benefits that is being brought in by fast growing dark mode user interface.

Moreso, the new, latest Android version 10 (Stock Android) has the dark mode as a primary mode and custom UI.

Due to smartphone user’s self awareness to eye Care, mobile prominent manufacturers and software developers are all rolling in the UI as part of their device/system features.

The dark mode interphase might feature in other prominent social network like Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Instagram Likee, Snapchat, LinkedIn, TikTok and a host of others.

Hopefully, facebook will gives it’s users the feature in the upcoming days but presently, it’s messenger app do have the mode.


Princewill Ubaha is an electrical engineer by profession, a content writer by perspiration, and an Akwa Ibomite by birth. He always believed that the habit of persistence is the habit of victory.

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