Move To Canada As A Self Employed Person ( 2022)


Moving to Canada as a self-employed person opens you up to more immigration opportunities in Canada. In this article, we shall reveal to you all that you need to know when it comes to moving to Canada with ease as a self-employed person.

The Canadian government qualifies you as a self-employed person to have two years of relevant experience. This will help to show that you are qualified to become self-employed in Canada.

There is a selection grid that helps to determine whether you will be able to contribute economically to Canada. So in this selection grid, you must score at least 35 points to make you qualified. This self-employed program gives you an opportunity to immigrate to Canada permanently even as a self-employed person.


To be qualified for this program, you must;

  • Have an experience in cultural activities or athletics.
  • Be able to make a concrete significant contribution to the cultural or athletic field of Canada

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Who Should Apply And What Relevant Experience Do You Need?

To immigrate to Canada as a self-employed person you must have relevant experience as we listed above, and you must be willing to be self-employed in that field in Canada.

Also, to be eligible for application, you must be able to meet the necessary criteria for the program, and you must meet the medical, security, and other relevant conditions for application.


When it comes to relevant experience as a self-employed person, you must have at least two years of experience. You may even wish to have more than two years of experience.

If you have 5 years of experience then you will get more points for that. But for minimal experience, you are expected to take part in cultural activities, be self-employed for 1-2 years in cultural activities, or in participating at world-class cultural activities.


The same is being said of athletics. If you are a self-employed athlete, then you must be employed for 2 years in athletics, or actively participate in world-class athletics.

But then, what is the selection like; there is a selection criterion that you will be assessed through as a self-employed applicant and that includes your; age, experience, adaptability, educational background, language, medical history, security record, and other basic requirements.

If you will be going with your family, then you and your family will have a medical exam, and then you will have to get police certificates. Also, your financial record will be assessed to be sure that you have enough money to support yourself and your family after you get to Canada.


The first thing that you must do is to;

Get The Application Package Right;

The application package comprises an exclusive guide that will assist you to fill out your application forms correctly. When you fill out the form on your computer, click the validate button on the form. If some parts of the form are outlined with red marks, it means that you left some information unattended.

So, film them correctly and move on to validate the form. Next, print the validated form, sign, and include dates in some of these forms. Then include all the application pages, print the barcodes, and sign where necessary.

Gather all the application forms, test results, fees, and every other supporting result asked for. Check correctly to be sure that all documents are complete so that your application isn’t rejected. Do not fill in the wrong or fake information about you. Otherwise, when found out you could be;

  • Your application could be refused
  • You can be barred from applying to come to Canada for 5 years.
  • You can be found inadmissible

Pay Your Application Fees;

Usually, while filling out this form online, you are expected to pay a biometric fee when you are about to submit your application. These few will cover the cost of photo and fingerprint collection.

When this is done, with the biometrics fee paid, a letter will be sent to you indicating that you need to give your biometrics and the location for it. So you will print out the letter, which will be shown at the place of biometrics.

Make sure that you give the biometrics in person even if the collection point is far from where you reside. Meanwhile, if you need to pay other fees for language ability, medical exams, and police certificates, there are specific payments allocated to such.

Submit Your Application;

Make sure that your application is complete and that you have answered all the questions, attached your supporting documents, paid the processing fees, and signed your application and forms. Then mail your application to the address stated in the guide.

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Can Your Application Be Delayed As a Self-Employed Person Moving To Canada?

Absolutely! There are a few reasons your application may be delayed. It may be because of your criminal record which will prompt the immigration officers to do a more thorough background check.

Also, you could be delayed if your family background isn’t too clear. It could be reasons that range from divorce, adoption issue, or even child custody if it is not resolved or the adoption case is not completed.

Can your application be rejected as a self-employed person moving to Canada?

You can be rejected based on medical grounds;

You must have taken the medical exam before you come to Canada even as a self-employed person. Even if your family members will not be coming with you, they must also have one medical exam.

So, if your health background is dangerous to Canada’s public health and safety, or if your health will cause too much demand on the social service and health services in Canada, then your application will be rejected.

You can be rejected based on your risky criminal record;

If you have a risky criminal record, you may not be allowed to gain entry into Canada. Generally, people who pose a risk to Canada’s security are not allowed to come to Canada.

So to move to Canada, you must be able to provide a police certificate even as a self-employed person.

Final Thoughts

Moving to Canada as a self-employed person can be quite easy but the process can turn rigorous for you when you don’t meet the requirements.

Ensure that you are self-employed with at least two years of experience, have a clean criminal record, and your health isn’t dangerous to Canada’s health services.


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