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NECO Mathematics Questions and Answers 2021 | Theory and Objectives


2021 NECO Mathematics Answers is Out – See Neco Maths Questions for Objectives & Essay.

The Neco mathematics answers 2021 can be seen here. The National Examination Council (NECO) SSCE exam for General Mathematics paper will hold on Tuesday, 17th October, 2021.

The Neco maths exam begins from 10.00 am to 11.45 am for paper III (Objectives) and 12 noon to 2.30 pm for paper II (Essay). In this post, we will be posting out the NECO mathematics questions 2021 for candidates that will participate in the examination.

Neco Mathematics Answers 2021:

Section II [Essay]
Answer any FIVE questions in Part II.
Write your answers on the answer booklet provided.


1. (a) Two children shared an amount of money in the ratio 3/4 : 2/5. If the smaller share was GH¢25.00, how much was shared between them?
(b) A box contains 5 red, 3 green and 4 blue balls of the same size. If a boy picks two balls from the box one after the other without replacement, what is the probability that both balls are red?

2. a) In a right angled triangle, sin x = 3/5. Evaluate 5(cos x)³ – 3.
(b) The angle of elevation of the top of a vertical pole from a point 63m east of the base of the pole is 30°. From another point due west of the pole, the angle of elevation of the top is 60°
(i) Draw a sketch diagram to illustrate the information.
(ii) Calculate, correct to three significant figures, the distance of the second point from the base of the pole.




In the diagram above, the points A, B, C and D lie on the circle, centre O. TA and TB are tangents touching the circle at A and B respectively.
AÔB = 132°, AĈD = 59° and AOC is a straight line.


(i) Find ATB.
(ii) Find BDA.
(iii) Find BDC.
(iv) Find OBD.

4. (a) The diagonals of a rhombus are 14em and gem. Calculate, correct to the nearest centimeter, the perimeter of the rhombus.
(b) The cross-section of a rectangular tank measures l.2m by 0.9m. It contains water to a depth of O.4m. If a cubical block of side 50em is lowered into the tank, calculate, correct to 2 significant figures, the rise in the water level (in metres).


5. (a) In a class of 50 students, 30 offered History, 15 offered History and Geography while 3 did not offer any of the two subjects.
(i) Represent the information on a Venn diagram.
(ii) Find the number of candidates that offered:
(A) History only;
(B) Geography only.
(b) A trader sold an article at a discount of 8% for N 828.00. If the article was initially marked to gain 25%, find the
(i) cost price of the article;
(ii) discount allowed.

6. (a) The second, fourth and sixth terms of an Arithmetic Progression (A.P.) are x – 1, x + 1 and 7 respectively. Find the:
(i)common difference;
(ii)first term;
(iii)value of x.
(b) A spherical bowl of radius r em is one-quarter full when 6 litres of water is poured into it. Calculate, correct to three significant figures, its diameter. [Take π =22/7]

7. P(lat 400N, long 18°W) and Q(lat 400N, long 78OW) are two cities on the surface of the earth. Calculate, the:
(a) radius of the parallel of latitude on which P and Q lie, correct to the nearest 10km;
(b) length of the minor arc PQ, correct to the nearest 100 km;
(c) vertical distance between the centre of the earth and the centre of the small circle on which P and Q lie, correct to the nearest km.
[Take π = 22/7 and radius of the earth= 6400 km]

8. Using ruler and a pair of compasses only:
(a) construct a triangle PQRwith /PQ/ = lOcm, ∠QPR = 90° and ∠PQR = 30°;
(b) (i) construct I, the locus of all points equidistant from PR and QR;
(ii) locate M, the point where / intersects with po,
(c) (i) with M as centre and radius MP, draw a circle;
(ii) calculate the area of the circler correct to one decimal place.
[Take Π= 22/7].

9. The table below gives the distribution of marks for 360 candidates who sat for an examination.

Marks (%)0-910 – 1920 – 2930 -3940 – 4950 – 5960 – 6970 -7980 -89
Number of20486072804025105

(a) Draw a cumulative frequency curve for the distribution.
(b) Use your graph to estimate the semi-interquartile range.
(c) If the minimum mark for distinction is 75%, how many candidates passed with distinction?

10. (a) A ship Pis 3km due east of a harbour. Another ship is also 3 km from the harbor but on a bearing of 042° from the harbour.
(i)Find the distance between the two ships.
(ilFind the bearing of ship from ship P. 
(b) A motorist travelled 300 km at an average speed of 75 km/h and returned at an average speed of v km/b. If his average speed for the whole journey is 60 km/h, find v. 


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