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Obesere Net Worth: Wives, Cars, House, Songs & Bio


Abass Akande popularly called Omo Rapala, papa Toshiba, Obesere, He is a songwriter, Yoruba movie actor, singer, and entertainer. He is a native of Ibadan. Obesere is a stylish Fuji singer, He makes Fuji soo entertaining, fans all over the world love his vibes in the Fuji music world.

He came to the limelight with a unique style, with what spilled the problem that relates to the taboo of the Yorubas, in the song, it seems he spoke the minds of many, cause many stood by him, from there his fans grew more. He was born on 28th January 1968 in Oyo state.

Early Life

Obesere was born on 28th January 1968 in the city of Ibadan. Oyo State Nigeria, he became a successful music artist from a tender age, while in his primary school days he practiced and learn the way he would be successful in his fuji music, according to Forbes, composing fuji music isn’t an easy task.


Still, in his life story, he was an electric businessman, and also, once a printer somewhere in Lagos. He has also been a boxer for some years before venturing into the Fuji music world.

Fuji songs are music the Yorubas use to send messages across to people, either positive or negative, while some use in raining abuse on a fellow, it also a way to be grateful to someone. Obesere is a popular entertainer in the Fuji music industry.



His career started as a child, in his primary school day having the zeal for songs and composing to a Fuji pattern, these took more of his efforts, top Fuji music artists have inspired him, the likes of Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, and other top Fuji celebrities.

Making Fuji music more entertaining, Obesere has taken his fuji gbedu across the globe, singing more meaningful songs, touching songs that inspire. The international level where his music career took him, made him sign in into the ”Sony Music” the music brand is a world-class music brand, he was the 1st Fuji singer to make waves across the globe.


The professional Fuji start with many endorsements from different companies, also in the entertainment industry, he has more vibes and the flea, the movie Industry which he performed, especially the Yoruba movie Industry.

His career brought huge success to him, in 2009, he release one of his biggest albums which he tittle ”Revolution” in these albums he features many top hip-pop singers, the likes of Timaya, 9ice, Uncle Promise, Lord of Ajasa, and young trybson.


Obeseres Award,  Wife & Children

The popular Abass Akande, a well-respected Fuji star, Mr. Akande won numerous awards in the music industry, both locally and internationally, he is part of the unique team who the Fuji music a reality. Some of his awards are…

Award for Best Fuji Musician of the Year at the 2016 City People Entertainment Awards.

2018 Top Naira Music Legendary Awards at the Top Naira Music Awards.

City People Movie Special Recognition award at the City People Movie Awards in 2014.

He is married and blessed with five children, his wife and children are all great and responsible individuals.

Abass Akande’s Houses, Cars & Songs

A man well known for his productivity and zeal to accomplish great wealth in the person of Abass Akande. He is a rich Fuji music star, he owns houses in some states in Nigeria, including the F.C.T he recently completed one of his biggest mansions.

His cars include a G.wagon, BMW, Benz, and a 2018 Lexus, these are just a few amongst the fleet of his cars.

Below is the list of he’s songs




Mobinu Tan

Emi Ni


Slow (Remix)


Ki Non So FT 9ice

Obi Egu 1 (Bia Ka Gbegu)

Obesere Ti Lo

Ki Non So FT 9ice (Remix)


Ki Non So FT 9ice

Obi Egu 1 (Bia Ka Gbegu)

Obesere Ti Lo

Ki Non So FT 9ice (Remix)

Baby Me

Wind E

E Ma Le Won

GBO Se Yen Wo



Mr. Teacher

Omo Iku

Mr. Teacher Part II

Baba Baba Tide

Amin Ase

Baby Mi Sexy



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