Trump supporters: impeachment will ‘backfire on the Democrats’

WIKI DAILY__ Iowa – Impeachment hasn’t made any difference to Scott Whiton. He’s still a President Trump’s guy

Thursday night at Drake University in Des Moines. An Iowa resident waiting in line to get into the republican presidents rally- the perry, told reporters “I support the man and what he’s doing, he is fighting for us”


Whiton strongly believes Trump will win re-election and he actually cited the ongoing Senate impeachment trial of the president as a heavy advantage to his re-election—

But Trump’s supporters disagree, feeling the impeachment inquiry and trial will come back to bite the Democrats in November’s general election.

‘I think the Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot.’

— Scott Whiton, Trump supporter

Brandon Point of Humboldt, Iowa, argued that impeachment “is going to backfire on the Democrats real good.”

Aaron Creger of Des Moines said that impeachment “helps [Trump] because it’s just the left’s plan to try to bring up something to distract the masses__ it’s just a big scam.

Pamela Klein of Norwalk, Iowa, predicted with full assurance that it would be Trump in “2020. No doubt.”  She emphasized that impeachment “helps him.”

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