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Richest National Football League (NFL) Players In The World 2022


The National Football League, or NFL, is a professional football league that is played all over the world. The NFL, while it may appear to be similar to football because of its financial success, is an entirely separate league.

We’ve compiled the most up-to-date list of the 20 richest NFL players in the globe, as well as their estimated net worth in 2022.

Given that they are the sport’s principal players, it is only normal for fans to be mystified by how much their favorite football players earn, which accounts for the majority of their net worth.


We must not forget that the sport would be nothing more than a chore without these men. As a result, we’ve developed a list of the richest NFL players in the globe.

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Richest NFL Players In The World

20. Alex Smith (Net worth: $55 million)

The fact that the last player represented on this list has a total accumulated net worth of $55 million is mind-blowing.

It makes you wonder how huge the net worth of subsequent players who you’ll come across on this list are. You are probably correct.


Alex Smith is an American football quarterback who has built such an admirable career for himself. After having a wonderful football career for the Utah Utes, he decided to further his career as a professional football player.

Since then, he’s never looked back. He turned out appearances for the San Francisco 49ers for 8 years since joining the club in 2005, before representing Kansas Chief for four years.


His career was abruptly ended by a serious spiral compound fracture to his Tibia and Fibula. He would have undoubtedly been higher up the rankings of richest NFL players, had he been injury-free.

19. Fran Tarkenton (Net Worth: $60 million)

Who could have imagined finding an 80 year old on this list of richest NFL players?

Well, you heard that right. Fran Tarkenton is one player that can be tagged a legendary quarterback who dedicated 18 years of his life to this sport.

Most of these years were dedicated to the Minnesota Vikings, spending an inconsecutive total of 14 years while also representing New York Giants for four further years.

Through his illustrious and successful career, he won 9 Pro Bowl trophies, including consecutive wins from 1967-70 and 1974-76. We can only say that his net worth is deserving of such a wonderful career he built.

18. Carson Palmer (Net Worth: $60 million)

The fact that Carson Palmer is also another quarterback represented on this list might keep you wondering if quarterbacks earn the most. Well, that is a question for another day. Through thick and thin, tough and smooth; Carson Palmer has always tried his best to churn out excellent performances in the different teams he finds himself. It’s no surprise he has such a befitting net worth to his name.

Carson spent 7 years out of his total 15 years of football career at the Cincinnati Bengals, while spending his remaining career with Oakland Raiders and Arizona Cardinals. He has 3 Pro Bowl titles to hi name, while earning the Arizona Cardinals ring of honor for his exceptional service to the team.

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17. Michael Strahan (Net Worth: $65 million)

When looking for one of the most loyal football players that have ever graced the NFL, Michael is one particular example that stands out.

He is the epitome of one-club man who spent all of his career which spanned a total of 15 years with the New York Giants as a defensive.

His 15 year career was quite the successful one with a total of 7 Pro Bowl titles and the Giant Super Bowl XLII which he helped his team win against the New England Patriots in his final season for the team in 2007.

Michael was such a popular superstar who set different records during his playing days. His contribution to the sport won him an election into the Pro Bowl Football hall of fame in 2014. He is currently a media personality for the Fox NFL Pregame show.

16. Tony Romo Net Worth: $70 million

Tony Romo is another one-club man, as well as a quarterback who plied his football career with the Dallas Cowboys until his retirement in 2017.

You’d expect a huge net worth for someone who spent 14 years of his life dedicated to one team. His place as one of the richest NFL players is never in doubt, as he earned every bit of it through service and loyalty.

Tony won a total of four Pro Bowl trophies with the team, while also helping his college win the Ohio Valley conference championship with the Panthers before turning a professional footballer.

Today, you will find him behind the screen before football games as a football analyst for CBS Television network.

15. Sam Bradford (Net Worth: $70 million)

Sam Bradford is such a handsome, young man who has an excellent football career which he can look back and smile at after his retirement.

Sam spent relatively fewer years to accrue to huge net worth he has attached to his name, when compared to other players who have a presence among the richest NFL players.

Sam spent 9 years playing American football with the St. Louis Rams, Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, and Arizona Cardinals.

Sam is quite the talented one, as he not only excelled in football, but also in golf and basketball. He is simply the one with admirable talent in sports he engages in.

One respectable record which he set back in his playing days was when he passed over 4,720 yards with 50 touchdowns to help his team win the Heisman Trophy.

14. Matt Ryan (Net Worth: $70 million)

Matt Ryan is the first player on this list that is still active in the sport today. He was recently in the news for all the right reasons after signing a deal worth an astounding $150 million, spread over 5 years with the Falcons in 2018.

This immediately made him the highest-paid player in the football league history at the time, though the record has since been smashed by Aaron Rodgers.

If I were you, I’d expect Matt Ryan to move up north among the richest NFL players in a few years time.

Matt already has an enviable trophy collection to his name, with 4 Pro Bowl titles and a plethora of awards to his name.

Considering the trajectory his career has taken over the years, I think it’s fair to expect him to retire at the Atlanta Falcons.

13. Ben Roethlisberger (Net Worth: $70 million)

Speaking of successful footballers, Big Ben can easily be considered as one.

Through his career which was full of Glamour and glory, he won the Pro Bowl title 6 times while complementing it with two Super Bowl champion (XL, XLIII) titles.

His list of honors and awards is something that could keep upcoming football stars enviable, as well as Dizzy.

He became the youngest super Bowl winner as a quarterback when he won the trophy in 2006. He helped lead the Steelers to a 21-10 win against the Seattle Seahawks to help clinch the title aged 23 years old.

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12. Roger Goodell (Net Worth: $75 million)

Roger Goodell was a professional football player who didn’t have that much success as a professional football player.

Much of his success came outside football when he became both a businessman as well as winning the election for the position of commissioner for the National football league in August 2006.

Ever since his appointment, Roger has successfully brought some favorable changes to the game; most of which improve the outlook of the game, player conduct, and so on.

11. Joe Montana (Net Worth: $80 million)

Joe Montana is a legendary football player who graced to the field for a whopping 16 years.

He featured in the game majorly as a quarterback throughout this time, featuring for the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chief.

He represented the San Francisco 49ers for 14 years, after which he proceeded to have some sort of retirement plan at the Kansas Chief.

Joe had such an exceptional career as a football player, winning four super bowl titles (XVI, XIX, XXIII, XXIV), with numerous awards to his name. This includes Super Bowl Most Valuable Player which he won on three separate occasions.

10. Eli Manning (Net Worth: $100 million)

Eli Manning has some sort of family ties to the football game, as many of his family members had graced the game long before his time.

He also has a brother who also played as professional football at the highest level, in what makes it seem football runs in his family’s blood.

Eli was a quarterback who represented the New York Giants for 16 seasons. He became a professional in the game after representing the University of Mississippi at the college level.

Eli led the giants to 2 super bowl finals, winning both of them, as well as becoming the MVP on both occasions.

His 2 super bowl titles are complemented with 4 Pro Bowl trophies and many different individual awards which made his career such a hit.

9. Drew Brees (Net Worth: $100 million)

After having a successful football career at college level with Purdue University, Drew Brees proceeded to replicate that success at a professional level.

He has had such a long career for himself, something that he started since 2001 and is still going till date, aged 41.

When speaking of longevity concerning football players in the NFL, Drew is such an exceptional example to look at with over 19 years of football under his belt.

His career has not only been long, but also successful. In his 19 years of football, Drew has racked up an astounding 13 Pro Bowl titles, as well as 1 super bowl trophy.

What more could any professional football player ask for. He has fully earned his place among richest NFL players in USA.

8. Brett Favre (Net Worth: $100 million)

Speaking of another player with a long career under his belt, Brett Favre is a prime example. He spent 20 good years of his life playing the sport he loves the most: Football.

He is a star quarterback who spent most of his career at the Green Bay Packers, while also turning out for the Atlanta Falcons,  packers, Minnesota Vikings, New York Jets in a career that spanned from 1991-2010.

Brett has 11 Pro Bowl championships to his name, as well as one Super Bowl title. One of his major records in the sport is when Favre became the first NFL quarterback to pass for 500 touchdowns, throw for 70,000 yards, complete 6,000 passes, and attempt 10,000 passes.

7. John Elway (Net Worth: $145 million)

John Elway is one of the most reputable quarterbacks to ever grace the game of football. He built a beautiful career in the sport with Denver Broncos which spanned over 15 years.

During his playing days, he won 9 Pro Bowl titles, and 2 Super Bowl trophies for the only team he ever played for.

His contributions to the sport earned him an induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2004 in his first year of eligibility, while also earning an induction into the college football hall of fame back in 2004.

His achievements in football earned him a lot of plaudits and fans, as he subsequently won the election for the position of President of the football operations for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League (NFL). He is also the General Manager of the famous sport management.


6. Tom Brady (Net Worth: $180 million)

When speaking of talent and ability, Tom Brady is one of the best in the game of football. His excellent techniques and abilities on and off the ball earned him lots of plaudits from many news media, sports journalists and writers, commentators.

He is one player that is considered as the greatest quarterback of all time in the game of football. He is one of the players to have the longest careers in football after spending the initial twenty years of his career with the New England Patriots.

Tom is still actively involved in the game, turning up performances that turn the heads of audience and fans with his silky skills and tenacity.

Tom’s career has brought him a lot of success, while earning him a place among richest NFL players in USA. He has won a record 6 Super Bowl trophies.

This feat is a record never achieved by any past and active football. It is no surprise that he is referred to as the Greatest quarterback.

Steve Young (Net Worth: $200 million)

Steve is a professional football player whose major position in his playing days were as a quarterback. He was involved in the sport for 15 years, making appearances for San Francisco 49ers for most of the time.

He also featured for other teams like Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Los Angeles Express who plied their trade in the United States football league. Prior to his professional playing days, he represented the Brigham Young University (BYU) in college football.

During his illustrious football career, Young won 3 Super bowl trophies, 7 Pro Bowl titles with numerous accolades for his contributions to the success of the different teams he represented.

4. Peyton Manning (Net Worth: $200 million)

Peyton Manning was a professional quarterback in the NFL while his career was still active. His career in the sport spanned over 18 seasons, spending a total of 14 seasons at his beloved Indianapolis Colts and the other 4 seasons at the Denver Broncos.

Steve’s professional career transitioned from that of college football through the University of Tennessee to the National Football league with the Indianapolis Colts. His brother, Eli Manning is already represented on this list of richest NFL players in the world.

Throughout his career, he was usually referred to as the Sheriff as a result of his proneness to be audible before the snap. His team’s playing style was always characterized by the hurry-up offense in place of the standard huddle.

3. John Maden (Net Worth: $200 million)

Well, we never saw an 84-year-old person on this list of richest NFL players coming, and I’m sure as hell you didn’t.

John Madden is a legendary figure in the NFL after making a lot of contributions to the sport both as a player, coach, as well as a commentator. Just what can he not do for the game.

During his playing days, Madden perfectly executed different positions, gong from offense to defense, depending on the needs of the team at a given time.

His football playing carer was however short-lived due to an injury to both his knees. We can imagine the wonderful career John would have had of not for that career-ending injury.

After his fate to not play the game ever again was sealed, he wouldn’t leave the game he loved for anything, so he decided to go into coaching. That decision brought him great riches, and wealth as it today.

2. Al Davis (Net Worth: $500 million)

The fact that one of the richest NFL players in the world is currently deceased is such a sad news to hear. Al Davis is known as one of the most financially inclined players to ever grace the football game.

Though his football playing career was short, Davis made sure he earned a name for himself at the highest level.

After retiring from professional football, he proceeded to become a coach, as well as an executive in the sport. Such was his love for football.

His coaching career brought him a lot of fortune which he in turn invested in his to-be football team in Oakland Raiders. After a few years, he became the principal owner of the team, as well as the General Manager until he was announced dead in 2011.

During his coaching career, he was most remembered for his motto of “Just win, baby”. Ever since his death, his franchise has been on a decline according to numerous reports.

1. Roger Staubach (Net Worth: $600 million)

You having been waiting for it, and now you are here. The richest NFL player ever in the history of American Football is none other than Roger Staubach.

One quick fact which might surprise you is that he is 78-years-old with the nickname Roger, the Dodger.

He also attended the US Naval Academy, but health issues like color blindness prevented him from becoming a full officer. This led to his move to professional football.

While he might not be as successful as many players represented on this list, Roger enjoyed a fair share of success in the highest level.

He represented the Dallas Cowboys for just 10 years between 1969-79. Within this period, he won two super bowl trophies, and six pro bowl titles, which is an exceptional trophy win rate.


Without a question, the majority of the wealth of the players on our list of the richest NFL players comes from the sport. Only a small percentage of athletes have generated money outside of athletics. These athletes have put in the requisite time, effort, and professionalism to earn their place among the NFL’s wealthiest players. As a result, not only are these NFL players talented, but they are also deserving of their current fortune.


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