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Some Republicans had eagerly awaited their chance to impeach President Joe Biden and members of his Cabinet. Jim Jordan, Ted Cruz, Matt Gaetz Marjorie Taylor and Most GOP Reps have already Kickstarted the process to impeach president Trump.


Even doe It’ll be harder than they expected,the conservatives’ dream of impeaching President Joe Biden or members of his administration has become more realistic into a new.

Kevin McCarthy, House GOP leader and speaker of the House has kept calls for impeachment at arm’s length, and will soon back calls to impeach either Biden or Alejandro Mayorkas, the top administration officials like Department of Homeland Security Secretary.


As Republicans officially take over, he’ll find it increasingly difficult to navigate the pressure already pumping from his right flank and a Trump-enamored-base eager to seek revenge after the chamber impeached the former president twice.

Meanwhile, a coalition of centrists are already sounding the alarm that any hasty impeachment attempts would hurt their own reelection chances heading into 2024.
Rep. Don Bacon (R-Neb.) said, “I want to warn our colleagues: There may be some activists in our party that want impeachment.


But I can tell you that the swing voters and the independent voters don’t. …We change leadership by elections, impeachment is the outlier.” Rep.

Tom Cole (R-Okla.), a member of a shrinking number of old school dealmakers, echoed that concern. He said,“The failure to win the Senate hurts a lot, and I think, to be honest, the margin does make a difference. A lot of the people that put us in the majority are from relatively moderate seats.


I would hate to put them in that position unless there was an overwhelming reason to” impeach. some soon-to-be committee chairs are also declining to weigh in on any future impeachment.

some Republicans are calling for the party to instead focus on legislation next year, where they are pledging to tackle everything from inflation to energy after rolling out a sweeping and unspecific agenda Rep.

Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.), the co-chair of the moderate Problem Solvers Caucus suggested that the topic is not supposed to be discussed. He said, “We shouldn’t even be talking about that. There’s so many problems we’ve got to deal with on the policy front.

I don’t like the fact that that’s even being discussed,” Hardline conservatives in the conference have already filed 14 impeachment resolutions since early 2021 that signal their biggest targets if Republicans flip the House.

Biden, Mayorkas and Attorney General Merrick Garland are at the top of the list.But Rep.

Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), who has frequently called for Biden’s impeachment when the GOP was expected to take a bigger slice of the majority, pointed to a different investigations.

Greene said, when asked if impeachment would be harder given the slim majority.“I think that what we’re going to do is be proving everything through investigations and evidence.

So we’ve got to do the work on the committee, but I think there will be plenty of evidence to show that”Greene is aiming for a seat on the Oversight Committee, which would give her a high-profile foothold into the party’s investigative strategy.

Republicans have no shortage of targets, including Hunter Biden, a coronavirus “origins” probe, the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the FBI and Justice Department and the administration’s handling of the border.

And during a closed-door conference meeting this week, leadership hopefuls fielded questions from conservative members about investigating Jan. 6 security which GOP lawmakers have tried to lay at the feet of Speaker Nancy Pelosi as well as the treatment of those jailed for participating in the riot at the Capitol.

Asked about the possibility of the two investigations in a GOP-controlled House next year, Rep. Matt Gaetz, a member of the Judiciary Committee, said: “Hope springs eternal in the new Congress that we’ll be able to get a lot of these questions answered.

”Some, like Gaetz, have floated revamping the Jan. 6 select committee to probe the current Democratic-led panel that’s investigating the actions by Trump and those in his orbit to overturn the 2020 election results.

But other incoming chairs have signaled that they largely expect questions about Jan. 6 and Capitol security to fall under the Administration Committee, which is likely to be led by Rep. Bryan Steil next year.

Meanwhile, more than a dozen House Republicans, led by Comer, publicly rolled out their long-touted probe into Hunter Biden by making it clear that their real target is his father, President Joe Biden.

Comer and others haven’t been shy about their efforts being a probe in search of a problem a hunt for a smoking gun that would provide a still-unproven direct link between Joe Biden’s decisions as vice president or president and his son’s business dealings.

But the public rollout of those plans, one day after Republicans officially won the House in the midterm elections, shows where a GOP facing partisan gridlock will focus much of its attention for the next two years.

Comer said, “I want to be clear: This is an investigation of Joe Biden, and that’s where the committee will focus in the next Congress.

We’re trying to stay focused on: ‘Was Joe Biden directly involved with Hunter Biden’s business deals’ and ‘was he compromised,’” It’s a far cry from the days of the Benghazi select committee, when McCarthy earned the public’s ire for depicting an inquiry into an attack on U.S.

officials in Libya as a way to wound Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton. And it’s revisiting some well-trodden ground: a pair of Senate Republicans released a report on Hunter Biden and other family members weeks before the 2020 election, when Joe Biden was the party’s nominee.

Congressional Democrats and Biden’s allies are preparing to go on defense with the DNC circulating a memo on Comer calling him a “conspiracy theorist, Trump sycophant, and proven liar” while also predicting that an investigation will backfire with swing voters in the 2024 election, as Biden flirts with a second run.

With much of House Republicans’ legislative agenda already in limbo due to Democrats winning the Senate and Biden in the White House, their investigative plans are expected to take center stage next year.

Democrats have pointed to Jordan’s comments earlier this year that investigations will help “frame up” the 2024 presidential election as evidence that GOP probes and their political ambitions are inextricably tied together.

“Instead of working with President Biden to address issues important to the American people, like lower costs, Ian Sams, a spokesperson for the White house counsel’s office said, the allerged congressional Republicans’ top priority is to go after President Biden with politically-motivated attacks chock full of long-debunked conspiracy theories,”Biden will ask Supreme Court to revive student debt relief planAs it fights in court, the White House is weighing a decision on further extending the payment pause.

The Biden administration will ask the Supreme Court to revive its student debt relief program as it fights to reverse lower court rulings that have upended its plans to forgive up to $20,000 of debt for tens of millions of Americans.

The Justice Department said in a court filing that it planned to ask the Supreme Court to reverse an injunction issued earlier this week by the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals that prohibits the administration from carrying out student debt relief.Separately, the Justice Department is asking the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to put on hold a decision by a district court judge in Texas to strike down the debt relief program as illegal.

The DOJ has asked for a ruling from that appeals court by Dec. 1 “to allow the government to seek relief from the Supreme Court” if needed.Justice Amy Coney Barrett has twice rejected preliminary requests in other lawsuits to block Biden’s debt relief program.

The lawsuit now heading to the Supreme Court was brought by six Republican state officials who are trying to stop Biden’s debt relief program, which they have labelled unfair and unconstitutional.

The ruling by the 8th Circuit found that at least one of the states, Missouri, had standing to bring the case. The three-judge panel unanimously voted to pause Biden’s debt relief program while the lawsuit plays out.

The other lawsuit, in the 5th Circuit, was filed by the Jobs Creator Network Foundation, a conservative group, on behalf of two student loan borrowers who were fully or partially excluded from the debt relief plan.

The Biden administration is asking the appeals court to put on hold a lower court ruling by District Judge Mark Pittman, a Trump appointee, who declared the program unconstitutional.

As it fights in court, the White House is weighing a decision about whether to postpone restarting monthly payments and interest for most federal student loans in January as planned.

Student debt activists, civil rights groups and labor leaders have urged the Biden administration to make clear that it won’t move to restart payments while its debt relief program remains in limbo.

Wisdom Cole, the group’s youth and college director, said in a statement that The NAACP “fully supports extending the repayment pause until borrowers obtain the relief they deserve and have been promised,” Administration officials has argued in court that they need to cancel student debt for tens of millions of borrowers to prevent a huge surge of delinquencies and defaults when monthly payments resumes.

James Kvaal, the undersecretary of education, said in a court filing earlier this week that the administration is “examining all available options” while student debt relief remains blocked in court, including extending the pause on repayment beyond Dec. 31.Kvaal said that blocking debt relief also causes “significant confusion” for borrowers, especially those who were anticipating having their loans wiped out completely.




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